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Help FRIENDS Fill Backpacks with School Supplies

FRIENDS of Child Advocates of Fort Bend is an auxiliary organization of over 100 members that provides for the special needs of children served by Child Advocates that other providers are unable to offer. For example, they have helped hundreds of children with backpacks and school supplies, tutoring fees, summer camp tuition, sports registration and uniforms, caps and gowns for graduating seniors and other special needs items requested by CASA and CAC.

FRIENDS of Child Advocates of Fort Bend will again provide backpacks filled with school supplies for 125+ children in care before the 2017-18 school year begins. Funds from Friends $40* annual dues will purchase the backpacks, but we are asking for volunteers to “fill a backpack” with school supplies. Children’s names will be provided by Child Advocates of Fort Bend. You can choose to take a specific child and fill his/her backpack with the supplies they need (a list from their school will be provided), or donate $75 for each child you would like to support. If you would like to “fill a backpack” please contact Brigit Engleman at bengleman@hotmail.com after June 15, 2017.

*Dues were increased from $35 to $40 effective June 1, 2017.


Our Amazon Wish List

For many of the children we serve, especially the younger ones, it is difficult for them to express their emotions about their abuse experiences in words. Some don’t have the vocabulary to express how they are feeling. For others, the pain of talking about it is too difficult. One powerful way to help children find ways to communicate their trauma is through the use of therapeutic toys, games and art projects. We have seen many children crumble when trying to find words. Yet those same kids find the strength of expression through these other means.

Conducting more than 3000 therapy sessions annually takes a toll on the toys and supplies we have to help the children. Because of this, we have launched an amazon wish list that is set up specifically to replenish our therapy supplies and to help us stay current with helpful therapeutic toys. If you would like to help keep our supplies stocked please click on this linkWe appreciate any assistance in helping us give kids a voice as they strive to heal from their trauma.