Our Team

Child Advocates of Fort Bend is staffed by a highly-qualified team of 47 professionals including clinicians, social workers, advocacy specialists, licensed therapists/mental health experts, and forensic experts specially trained to implement trauma-focused, evidence-based practices.  Our team of marketing, development, public relations specialists, and trainers strive to raise awareness and funding in the community about child abuse.  Our team has a combined 143 years at Child Advocates of Fort Bend and over 380 years of professional experience in the field of child development, child abuse identification and treatment, advocacy, education, development and management. Our professionals have obtained degrees in psychology, child development, early childhood education, criminal justice, social work and management, with 50% earning one or more Masters Degrees.  As lifetime learners, the staff participates and presents at industry conferences and workshops every year to remain current in the latest modalities.


Ruthanne Mefford
Chief Executive Officer
B.A., Psychology; M.B.A.
P:  281-344-5103
E:  rmefford@cafb.org

Catherine Zapalac, CAP
Executive Assistant
P:  281-344-5175
E: czapalac@cafb.org

Jane O’Dell
Chief Administrative Officer
P:  281-344-5101
E:  jodell@cafb.org

Luisa Bowers
Human Resources Generalist / Development Analyst
B.A., Economics; A.A.S, Computer Science, Information Systems
P:  281-344-5174
E:  lbowers@cafb.org

Angela Lewis
Financial Administrator
B.A., Finance
P:  281-344-5150
E:  alewis@cafb.org

Irene Wisner
Administrative Coordinator
P:  281-344-5171
E:  iwisner@cafb.org



Metoyer Martin
Program Director, CASA
B.A., Criminal Justice; M.A., Sociology; MSW
P:  281-344-5122
E:  mellis@cafb.org


Makayleigh Adams
Courtesy CASA
B.A., Government, Philosophy of Law
P:  281-960-9371
E:  madams@cafb.org

Aly Ferrante
Trauma & Wellbeing Advocacy Manager
B.A., Public Relations
P:  281-344-5174
E:  aferrante@cafb.org

Stevie Irby, LMSW
Courtesy CASA Lead
B.A., Sociology; MSW
P: 832-600-7665
E: sirby@cafb.org

Snehal Johnson
Trauma & Wellbeing Advocacy Specialist
M.S. Counseling; B.A. English
P:  281-330-9744
E: sjohnson@cafb.org

Karen Jordin
Quality Assurance
B.S., Business Administration
P:  281-344-5258
E: kjordin@cafb.org

Renee Lukefahr
Advocacy Specialist
P:  281-344-5146
E:  rlukefahr@cafb.org

Louanne Munden, LCSW
Courtesy CASA
B.S., Social Work; M.S., Social Work
P: 281-344-5102
E:  lmunden@cafb.org

Erin Rollinson
CFE Coach
B.S., Criminal Justice; M.S., Criminal Justice
P: 281-344-5131
E:  erollinson@cafb.org

Maxi Schultz
Advocacy Specialist
B.S., Child & Family Studies
P:  281-830-1189
E: mschultz@cafb.org

April Shaver
Collaborative Family Engagement Program Manager
B.S., Human Development and Family Studies
P:  281-344-5201
E:  ashaver@cafb.org

Carollynn Thesing
Court Advocacy Manager
B.S., Criminal Justice
P:  281-344-5124
E:  cthesing@cafb.org

Krystal Vann
Program Innovation Manager
B.S., Human Development and Family Studies
P:  281-344-5130
E:  khughes@cafb.org

Alli Waterwall
Advocacy Specialist
B.S., Criminal Justice
P: 346-327-3609
E:  awaterwall@cafb.org



Fiona Remko, LCSW-S
Certified PCIT Therapist
Program Director, Children’s Advocacy Center
B.A., Psychology; MSW
P:  281-344-5112
E:  fremko@cafb.org

Jheri Walters, LCSW-S
Clinical Director, Children’s Advocacy Center
B.A., Psychology; MSW
P:  281-344-5231
E:  jwalters@cafb.org

Kimberly Bautista
Bilingual Family Advocate
B.S., Human Development & Family Studies
P:  281-344-5163
E: kbautista@cafb.org

Heather Cody
Multi-Disciplinary Team Coordinator
B.S., Child & Family Development
P:  281-344-5232
E:  hcody@cafb.org

Natatia Colligan
Data Specialist
P:  281-344-5234
E:  ncolligan@cafb.org

Lorraine Cruz
Family Services Specialist
B.A., Sociology
P:  281-344-5140
E: lcruz@cafb.org

Amanda Diaz, LMSW
Bilingual Therapist
B.A., Psychology; M.A., Social Work
P:  281-344-5129
E: adiaz@cafb.org 

Kizzy Francis, LMSW
B.S., Health & Behavioral Science;
M.S., Social Work
P:  281-344-5135
E: kfrancis@cafb.org

Amanda Gentry, LCSW
Clinical Family Advocate
B.S., Sociology; M.S., Social Work
P:  281-344-5262
E: agentry@cafb.org

Kristy Gutierrez
Manager of Forensic Interviewing
B.S., Criminal Justice; M.S., Administration of Justice and Security
P:  281-344-5134
E:  kgutierrez@cafb.org

Courtney James, LMSW
Clinical Family Advocate
B.S., Child Development and Family Living; M.S.W.
P:  281-344-5162
E:  cjames@cafb.org

Melissa Johnson
Program Assistant
B.S., Elementary Education
P:  281-344-5168
E:  mjohnson@cafb.org

Renee Johnson
Criminal Court Advocate
B.S., Social Work
P:  281-344-5132
E:  rjohnson@cafb.org




Gabrielle Leaks
MDT Coordinator
B.S., Criminal Justice
P:  281-344-5105
E:  gleaks@cafb.org

Maggie McDougle
Forensic Interviewer
B.A., Sociology; M.S. Human Services
P:  281-344-5142
E:  mmcdougle@cafb.org

Joshua Meribole, LMSW
Clinical Family Advocate
B.A., Community Development; M.S. Social Work
P:  281-238-8459
E:  jmeribole@cafb.org

Ophelia Mok,
Clinical Family Advocate
B.A., Social Work; MSW
P:  281-344-5116
E: omok@cafb.org

Lizbeth Ocampo
Bilingual Forensic Interviewer
B.A., Criminal Justice; M.S., Victim Services Management
P:  281-344-5118
E: locampo@cafb.org

Lindamarie Olson
B.S., Social Work; M.S. – Social Work
P:  281-344-5120
E: lolson@cafb.org

Heather Rashid, LCSW
Manager of Family Advocacy
B.A., Psychology; MSW
P: 281-344-5138
E: hrashid@cafb.org

Susan Richardson
Document Management Specialist
P:  281-344-5235
E:  srichardson@cafb.org

Sasha Soileau
Multi-Disciplinary Team Coordinator
B.S., Criminal Justice
P:  281-344-5261
E:  ssoileau@cafb.org

Claudia Sorto
Bilingual Criminal Court Advocate
B.B.A. – Accounting
P:  281-344-5256
E:  csorto@cafb.org

Brenda Zavala, LCSW
Bilingual Therapist
B.S., Psychology
P:  281-344-5161
E:  bzavala@cafb.org


Development and Marketing

Lisa Moore
Development Director
B.A., Journalism
P:  281-344-5108
E:  lmoore@cafb.org

Anne Bulan
Communications & Graphics Specialist
B.A., English; M.F.A.
P:  281-344-5110
E:  abulan@cafb.org

Jenetha R. Jones
Grant Writer
B.S., Professional Writing
P:  281-344-5135
E:  jjones@cafb.org

Tarina Sheridan
Events Specialist

P:  281-344-5109
E:  Tsheridan@cafb.org

Suzanne Slavin
Development Officer
B.S., General Studies
P:  281-344-5107
E:  sslavin@cafb.org



Community Engagement




Casey Davis
Community Engagement Director
B.A., Business Administration
P:  281-344-5172
E:  cdavis@cafb.org

Jennifer Brown
Volunteer Coordinator
B.S., Human Development & Family Studies
P:  281-344-5123
E: jbrown@cafb.org

Lindsey Castellanos
Community Outreach Coordinator
B.A., Psychology
P:  281-344-5259
E:  lcastellanos@cafb.org


Dana Mersiovsky
Senior Training Specialist
B.A., General Studies
P:  281-344-5106
E:  dmersiovsky@cafb.org