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If you are a kid and someone is hurting you or doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable, talk to a safe adult to get help. It can feel scary but you deserve to be safe. Watch the 5 Safety Rules to learn more about what safety looks like for you. WATCH NOW

Children (5-10 years old)

How do you know if you aren’t safe?

Things that aren’t safe for kids:

  • It’s not ok for someone to hurt you- with words or by hurting your body.
  • It’s not ok for someone to talk about, look at or touch private parts of your body or to ask you to do those things to their body.
  • It’s also not ok for someone to show you or ask you for inappropriate photos of yourself or others without clothes on.
  • It’s also not ok for adults to keep you from eating regular meals, having clean clothes, a safe place to sleep, or watching out for you over a long period of time.

If you aren’t sure about something that is happening to you that makes you feel uncomfortable or someone is doing one of the things above, talk to a safe adult.

Who is a safe adult?

A safe adult is:

  • A grown up
  • Someone that you trust and that makes you feel safe
  • Doesn’t do any of the things list above that aren’t safe for kids
  • You see often
  • You feel comfortable talking to about hard things

If you tell a safe adult and they don’t get help or the forget, tell another safe adult. Keep telling until someone helps you.

There are fun games you can play to learn how to stay safer online.
Click the link below to go to Netsmartz Kids. Make sure you get parent or guardian permission when you play any game online.  Play Games NOW!


You are becoming responsible for your own safety as you navigate the world without your parent/guardian’s supervision much more than before. It’s important to be aware of what makes some places or people more dangerous. Not all dangers online are obvious, even to teens and adults that are very familiar with technology.