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TV and Special Programs

The Beginning of Life
Using breakthroughs in technology and neuroscience, this series examines how environment affects infants – and how infants affect our future.
Time: Six episodes, each program 45 minutes
Where it can be found

Broken Places
Broken Places explores why some children are severely damaged by early adversity while others are able to thrive. By revisiting childhood trauma victims we profiled decades ago, we learned how their experiences shaped their lives as adults. Watch here.
Time: 1 hour
Where is can be foundPBS

Finding Home: A Foster Youth Story
The story of four teens in foster care preparing for life outside of the foster care system.
Time: 1 hour
Where it can be foundPBS

The Fosters
A fictional series about two women and their biological, foster and adopted children.
Time: 5 seasons, each program 1 hour
Where it can be found: Amazon Prime, iTunes, Netflix

A Path Appears
PBS investigation into gender inequality, poverty and the ripple effects that follow: including sex trafficking, teen-pregnancy, gender-based violence, child slavery and the effective solutions being forged to combat them.
Time: 1 season, each program 1 to 1.5 hours
Where it can be foundPBS

PBS Frontline Specials:
Chasing Heroin
Discusses the public health crisis of the opioid epidemic and highlights individual case studiesSex Trafficking in America

Growing Up Trans
Explores the struggles and choices facing transgendered youth and their families

Kind Hearted Women – Video 1Video 2
Follows a single mother on Spirit Lake Reservation as she struggles to heal from sexual abuse, raise her children and further her education

Left Behind in America
Explores struggles in Dayton Ohio with 35% of the population living in poverty.

Sex Trafficking in America
Follows a police unit committed to rooting out sexual exploitation.

Right to Fail
Investigates the consequences of adults with severe mental illness lacking needed supports.

Time: Each program is 1 to 2 hours
Where it can be foundPBS Frontline

The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez
A 6-part documentary following a true story of the torture and murder of an 8-year-old child. Series shows graphic images of abuse and discussed highly disturbing content.
Time: 6 hours
Where it can be found: Netflix

Mini-series based on a true story of a teenager’s report of sexual assault and the system’s response and investigation of her disclosure.
Time: 6.5 hours
Where it can be found: Netflix