Ways to Give - Child Advocates of Fort Bend

The agency is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and all gifts are tax deductible.  Our federal tax ID number is 76-0337426.

Child Advocates of Fort Bend is entirely supported through grants, corporate sponsorships, and individual gifts. We do not charge any of our children or families and derive no income from our services. We believe that is important because over 30 years, the community has been incredibly generous in their support and has enabled Child Advocates of Fort Bend to serve 22,000 children with the highest quality services.

Your donations and gifts can take many forms.  You can make a monetary gift, pledge a multi-year gift, sponsor or attend an event, donate in-kind items, or make a planned gift as part of your estate planning.  Gifts can be made in cash, by check or credit card and paid in full, monthly, quarterly or at whatever frequency you prefer.  You set up the schedule that works for you.

Help us Sustain Our Operations with a Multi-Year Gift
To help ensure the sustainability of services, you are invited to make a multi-year gift and become a member of our Voices For Children Multi-Year Giving Society. Pledges are made over five years with the total value of the pledge being recognized on our donor wall, in the Annual Report and donor newsletter the year you make your pledge.  See Voices For Children or contact Lisa Moore at lmoore@cafb.org or 281-344-5108.

Gala Sponsorship Home Tour Sponsorship

The Gala For The Children and Christmas Home Tour are wonderful opportunities for individuals, corporations and local businesses to support Child Advocates of Fort Bend while entertaining clients and being community-involved. Sponsorships range from $100 – $50,000 with benefits associated with different levels of giving.  Click links above for Gala or Christmas Home Tour or contact Tarina Sheridan at tsheridan@cafb.org.



Make CAFB part of your giving plans and become a member of the “Forever Angels Legacy Society”.

With gift planning, you can achieve your financial and personal goals while making a lasting impact on children in Fort Bend County.

 Contact Us   Access Tax Information 



We thank those visionary donors who have already made the ultimate philanthropic decision to help end the cycle of child abuse in Fort Bend County through a planned gift to support CAFB.

We’re here to help
Our planned giving representative can provide further information and help prepare questions to ask your financial advisor to determine what type of planned gift might be right for you.

Email: plannedgiving@cafb.org, call 281-344-5100 and ask for planned giving,
or fill out the form below and we will contact you.


Yes, I would like to become a member of the Forever Angels Legacy Society and help Child Advocates of Fort Bend end the cycle of Child Abuse


Your gift will make a difference.

The mission of Child Advocates of Fort Bend is to: Strengthen the Child’s Voice, Heal the Hurt and Break the Cycle of Abuse and Neglect for Children in Fort Bend and Surrounding Counties.



Please use the following legal name and tax identification:
Child Advocates of Fort Bend
5403 Avenue N
Rosenberg, TX 77471

Mailing Address:
5403 Avenue N
Rosenberg, TX 77471

Our Federal Tax ID number: 76-0337426

Child Advocates of Fort Bend welcome donations of items or services to help support the children, the Gala auction, and our office. We request the clothing, shoes, backpacks, stuffed animals, blanket or toys be new.  We are always in need of gift certificates to local stores which can be used to purchase needed items for the children. We do not accept used items.  If you would like to make an in-kind donation, see our Wish List  below or contact Jennifer Brown at jbrown@cafb.org.


If your employer has a matching gift program, you can double your gift to Child Advocates of Fort Bend. Fill out the Matching Gift Form from your human resources or payroll office.  Use the form at the bottom of this page to make your gift today.


Child Advocates of Fort Bend has arranged for donations of cars, airplanes, boats, motorcycles or trucks. Contact Lisa at lmoore@cafb.org.


Child Advocates of Fort Bend participates in the TX CASA Specialty License Plate Program. Supporters can order a custom license plate with the phrase “Big Voices for Little Texans”.  For ordering information, go to https://www.txdmv.gov/motorists/license-plates?fbclid=IwAR0Htok17h_DxVxfCqp9Olx376zbg8dL1RlEAqINaKWiX2j9Y4110qBttZ4  or visit your local tax assessor’s office and ask for the Court Appointed Special Advocate license plate.


Kroger shoppers can contribute to Child Advocates of Fort Bend by registering their existing Kroger Plus Card on line at krogercommunityrewards.com.  If you do not have a Kroger’s Plus Card you can go online and create a new account.   Our Non-profit Organization number is 90432 and must be referenced in all correspondence.


Child Advocates of Fort Bend has partnered with Goodshop.com so when you shop at thousands of your favorite shops like Walmart for food, Best Buy for electronics and Kohl’s for clothes, you will be saving money and donating a portion of your purchase to Child Advocates of Fort Bend. Contact Catherine Zapalac at czapalac@cafb.org for more information.

Wish List

This is the list of donation items we would like to have…

  • Small bottles of water
  • Snacks (mini pretzels, trail mix, goldfish, animal crackers, teddy grahams, etc…)
  • Journals and Adult Coloring Books and colored pencils
  • Playing cards and UNO cards
  • Toys and activities for teens
  • Gift Cards (for art and therapy supplies)
  • Gift Cards (Amex, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, HEB, Kroger, Academy, Target, Walmart, gas)

*new items only

Conducting more than 3000 therapy sessions annually takes a toll on the toys and supplies we have to help the children. If you would like to help replenish our therapy supplies or provide supplies for our CASA program, please click the links to view the Amazon wish lists below.

Program Needs wish list


Have something else you would like to donate?
Contact Jennifer Brown via jbrown@cafb.org or telephone at 281-344-5123.


General Questions

Child Advocates of Fort Bend benefits by receiving a cash donation to fund new and
existing programs and increased community awareness through local events.

You benefit by being able to reduce your taxable income when taxes are itemized.
Plus you avoid the costs associated with selling your car. No need to pay for
advertising, no loss of privacy and possible security risk, and no need to pay for
vehicle registration, insurance, and repairs to keep your car in running condition
while you wait for a buyer.

In most cases we can take your car, running or not. However, it must have an engine
and be towable. Contact a representative at 1-855-500-7433 to find out if your vehicle
qualifies for pick-up.

Many types of motor vehicles are accepted including airplanes, boats, motorcycles,
trucks and cars. if you are uncertain as to whether or not your vehicle is eligible,
please contact the vehicle donation program toll free at 1-855-500-7433.

We make donating your car as simple and convenient as possible. A tow company
will contact you within two to three business days after completing a record of the
donation. Call our representative toll free at 1-855-500-7433.

No. Special arrangements can be made by calling our representative.

The only paperwork needed is a signed, clear title. We would prefer that you have
your title with you when you call-in your donation.
 (Please note: a clear title indicates
the title is in the name of the donor without a lien.)

For states that require smog certificates or safety inspections, you may donate your
vehicle without these documents.

When your vehicle is picked up, the tow truck driver will give you a document called
a “donation receipt”. The donation receipt is a legal document and should be kept.
Do not allow your vehicle to be picked up unless you are given a donation receipt,
unless other arrangements have been made in advance. If you have any questions
about this please call our toll-free number, 1-855-500-7433.

In the rare event that you receive any notification of a lien sale, DMV actions or other
activity related to your donated vehicle, please contact us toll free at 1-855-500-7433.

Tax Questions

Yes, our driver will issue a donation receipt at the time of pick-up. This is not the final
tax receipt if the sale price of your vehicle exceeds $500. This initial acknowledgement
will indicate the donor’s name as well as the year, make, model and condition of the car
being donated. It will be the only receipt if the vehicle sells for $500 or less. If that
happens, it is up to the donor to determine the value of their deduction as long as it is
$500 or less.

For vehicles that sell for more than $500, donors are no longer responsible for determining
the deductible value of their donation. Instead, they will receive an IRS Form 1098-C,
Contributions of Motor Vehicles, Boats, and Airplanes if the proceeds from the sale
exceed $500, stating the amount of the gross proceeds from the sale of the donated
vehicle. The amount listed on IRS Form 1098-C, Contributions of Motor Vehicles, Boats,
and Airplanes will be the gross proceeds of thte deductible donation.


According to the tax law effective January 1, 2005, if the claimed value of the donated
vehicle exceeds $500, the taxpayer is limited to the gross proceeds of the sale.

An IRS Form 1098-C, Contributions of Motor Vehicles, Boats, and Airplanes will be
mailed to the donor within 30 days of the sale. It will state the amount of gross proceeds
received from the vehicle, provided the vehicle sold for more than $500 and if the donor
provided their Social Security number. This will be the tax receipt for the charitable

If a vehicle sells for $500 or less, it will be up to the donor to determine the value of their
deduction as long as that figure is $500 or less.