The Campaign For The Children's Sake - Child Advocates of Fort Bend
The Campaign For The Children’s Sake

is about building far more than a structure.

It is about transforming lives for generations to come.

“Every once in a while, a project comes along that has the power

to change how we think about our community.

The campaign is that kind of game-changing effort.

We are re-imagining the future of how

we take care of our children who have been neglected and abused…”

-Nancy Olson, For The Children’s Sake Campaign Chair

Our Vision and Our Need

Child Advocates of Fort Bend has served over 16,500 abused and neglected children in Fort Bend County from birth to age 18+ years of age since it opened its doors more than 28 years ago. As the only agency in Fort Bend County dedicated to serving abused and neglected children, CAFB is experiencing unprecedented growth over the past few years with more than 2,800 children annually needing help. Each of our programs is designed to help turn heartbreak into triumph and resilience for our families.

“My 6 year old daughter would never have healed and recovered from her abuse if it weren’t for the extraordinary care, compassion and professional services of Child Advocates of Fort Bend. She is my bright-eyed little girl again. Thank you Child Advocates.” -Sonia 

Due to the growth of Fort Bend County, and to a huge increase in the reporting of child abuse and referrals to Child Advocates of Fort Bend, the number of children being served has increased by 53% in the past five years with no slowdown in sight. This dramatic increase has forced many children to wait six to eight weeks to receive the services they desperately need.

To respond, Child Advocates of Fort Bend must hire more staff, train more volunteers, add and equip therapy and interview rooms, and provide new family meeting rooms and conference areas. With the full support of the Board and CAFB Advocate leaders, the agency has launched a Capital Campaign called For The Children’s Sake to engage the community in this game-changing initiative.

With the goal of expanding the agency’s current building in Rosenberg from 18,000 to over 27,000 square feet and adding new staff to grow our program capacity, CAFB will ensure thousands more children will have access to life-changing services. Through this initiative, CAFB can double the number of children and families served within the next five years and position the agency for the next decade of growth.

Ellyn Wulfe, Regional Community Impact Leader for Gensler talks about the project.

Campaign Progress

We are deeply grateful for the generous commitments we have received so far, including extraordinary early gifts from the George Foundation, the Fred and Mabel R. Parks Foundation and the Houston Endowment, among many others. Without our donors’ support, this game-changing initiative for the children of Fort Bend County would not be possible.

The George Foundation
Houston Endowment
Fred and Mabel R. Parks Foundation
BGE, Inc.
Amegy Bank
Sprint Waste Services, L.P.
Fort Bend Financial / Bridget R. Yeung
Gulf Coast Medical Foundation
LJA Engineering, Inc.

Get Involved and Contact Us

Stand with Child Advocates of Fort Bend so that no child falls through the cracks.

Each success story is a LIFE SAVED.

Join us in this bold endeavor.


If you are interested in learning about available naming opportunities, scheduling a tour, or learning more about the campaign, please contact Lisa Moore at or 281-344-5108 or Ruthanne Mefford at or 281-344-5103.


The Campaign For The Children's Sake Leadership

Nancy Olson, Campaign Chair
Sarah Abraham
Tom Abraham
Margie Adolph
Hilary Brawner
Tammy Brown
Tony Clark
Farrah Gandhi
Valerie Golden
John Healey
Dave Johnston
Rhonda Kuykendall
Tommy Kuykendall
Tyler Nelson
Josh Pipes
Bill Rohrbach
Mike Smith
Pat Somers
James Steenbergen
Massey Villarreal
Ruthanne Mefford, CEO – Child Advocates of Fort Bend
Jessica Jubin, Development Officer/Campaign Manager – Child Advocates of Fort Bend