Voices for Children Ambassadors - Child Advocates of Fort Bend
Voices for Children Ambassadors

An Ambassador is a person who is passionate about the work we do at Child Advocates of Fort Bend.  He or she believes in spreading the word to the community.

Ambassadors invite 10 people to a Voices For Children tour or tours.  Ideally, they attend this tour with their guests to welcome them and share their personal connection with our agency.

Ambassadors can host a Voices For Children Tour at Child Advocates of Fort Bend so that guests can see the services we provide and meet our staff and partners.  If more convenient, ambassadors can host a tour in their homes, places of business or worship,  or service organizations.

Ambassadors are also invited to serve as Table Captains at our annual Voices For Children Breakfast in September.  This is the culmination of the year and Table Captains can welcome those friends that they previously hosted on tours to hear the personal testimonial by a child serviced by Child Advocates of Fort Bend.

Volunteer to be an Ambassador!  It’s a very small time commitment and you will be doing your part to spread awareness and help children who have been abused and neglect.  Contact Lisa Moore at lmoore@cafb.org or 281-344-5108.

CAFB adheres to a strict Zero Tolerance for Child Abuse Policy in our practices and operations.