Voices for Children

Voices For Children is an initiative we launched in 2009 to ensure the long-term sustainability of services to all abused and neglected children in Fort Bend County.  As our community grows and the incidence of abuse increases, there is a heightened demand for additional services to reach every child.  The Voices For Children initiative invites supporters of Child Advocates of Fort Bend to make a financial pledge payable over five years.  As members of our Voices For Children Multi-Year Giving Society, this group of loyal donors helps to ensure uninterrupted services for our children.  It helps us plan for the future and enables us to continue to offer the highest quality, trauma-specialized services for children ages birth – 18 years old.  Many donors appreciate that their payments can be spread over years, all the while being recognized for the total value of their five-year pledge.

Voices For Children Tours

The anchor of the program is our bi-weekly Voices For Children Tours in our building.  Guests get a “behind-the-scenes” tour of the path a child travels on their journey to healing and safety.  They get to meet our professional staff and clinicians and hear real stories of children who received services at our Children’s Advocacy Center or through our CASA Program.  They witness the Multi-Disciplinary Team in action as they meet members of the four partner agencies housed on-site at our building:  the Child Abuse Divisions of the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office, County Attorney’s Office, Law Enforcement and Child Protection Services Investigations.  Each tour lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Schedule Your Tour Today

We also regularly give presentations in the community – whether at your community organization, business, church, school, hospital or in your home.   Called “Tour In A Box”, we bring the tour to your setting using pictures and stories.    These can be scheduled at your convenience.

Contact Dana Mersiovsky to reserve or schedule your tour at dmersiovsky@cafb.org or 281-344-5106.

Voices For Children Breakfast

Our Voices For Children Breakfast is the highlight of the program.  Every September, we invite guests who have already toured our building to join us for an inspiring program where you will hear from a child we served.  Deeply moving, this fundraising breakfast is an opportunity for our supporters to hear the impact that their funding has made possible.

Because of COVID-19, we combined our Gala and our Voices for Children Breakfast into one fabulous event…a Summer Soiree on August 22. 


CAFB adheres to a strict Zero Tolerance for Child Abuse Policy in our practices and operations.