Volunteer - Child Advocates of Fort Bend

“Everyday heroes” are words that describe volunteers at Child Advocates of Fort Bend.  By leveraging a small staff with hundreds of community volunteers, Child Advocates of Fort Bend can match 100% of children with a CASA Volunteer, can greet every child who enters our CAC with a smiling adult who welcomes and comforts them, spread awareness about child abuse and make our glamorous Gala and well-honored Christmas Home Tour tradition continue to raise needed funds to ensure our services continue.

Our  CASA Volunteers visit children and provide a voice for them in the courtroom.  Volunteers are extremely diverse – ranging in age, type of employment, retirement, women, men, and of many races and ethnicities.

If you want to be the person who makes a change in a child’s life, become a volunteer.  A child will thank you.  And you may find it’s the most rewarding thing you have done.

CAFB adheres to a strict Zero Tolerance for Child Abuse Policy in our practices and operations.

***For all questions and inquires, or if you would like to receive a monthly email with updates from our Volunteer Coordinator, please contact jbrown@cafb.org.