“Everyday heroes” are words that describe volunteers at Child Advocates of Fort Bend.  By leveraging a small staff with hundreds of community volunteers, Child Advocates of Fort Bend can match 100% of children with a CASA Volunteer, can greet every child who enters our CAC with a smiling adult who welcomes and comforts them, spread awareness about child abuse and make our glamorous Gala and well-honored Christmas Home Tour tradition continue to raise needed funds to ensure our services continue.

Our  CASA Volunteers, alone, traveled more than 47,000 miles in 2016 to visit children and provide a voice for them in the courtroom.  Our volunteers are extremely diverse – ranging in age, type of employment, retirement, women, men, and of many races and ethnicities.

If you want to be the person who makes a change in a child’s life, become a volunteer.  A child will thank you.  And you may find it’s the most rewarding thing you have done.

CAFB adheres to a strict Zero Tolerance for Child Abuse Policy in our practices and operations.

***For all questions and inquires, or if you would like to receive a monthly email with updates from our Volunteer Coordinator, please contact jbrown@cafb.org.