Our Wish List - Child Advocates of Fort Bend
Our Wish List

This is the list of donation items we would like to have…

  • Small bottles of water
  • Snacks (mini pretzels, goldfish, animal crackers, teddy grahams)
  • Books (for teenagers)
  • Journals and Adult Coloring Books
  • Gift Cards (for art and therapy supplies)
  • Reusable cloth grocery bags
  • Gift Cards (Amex, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, HEB, Kroger, Academy, Target, Walmart, gas)

*new items preferred

Conducting more than 3000 therapy sessions annually takes a toll on the toys and supplies we have to help the children. Because of this, we have launched an amazon wish list that is set up specifically to replenish our therapy supplies and to help us stay current with helpful therapeutic toys. If you would like to help keep our supplies stocked please click on this link. 


Have something else you would like to donate?
Contact Irene Wisner via iwisner@cafb.org or telephone at 281-344-5171.