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Donor Advised Funds

Many families find that a donor advised fund (DAF) is a simple and efficient way to support the causes they care about. With a DAF, you can time your gifts to your favorite charities. Contributing to a DAF is an effective way to defray taxes during a big income year and to foster a philanthropic spirit within families. An unlimited amount of cash, securities, or appreciated assets can be invested in a DAF. The lump sum is taken as a tax deduction at the time of deposit, and the irrevocable investment continues to grown tax-free. Donors specify grants at any time to qualified charities and the DAF’s sponsoring organization handles all record-keeping, disbursements, and tax receipts.

Many of our supporters make their annual gift to CAFB out of their Donor Advised Fund.
We are grateful for their support!

Please contact us at if you would like more info about how to make a gift to us from your DAF.

You can continue the mission of CAFB after your lifetime by instructing your family to terminate the DAF and distribute the reminder to your favorite charities.



CAFB is merely suggesting possible options for making a Planned Gift.  Please consult your tax and legal advisors to learn what might work best for your personal planned giving goals and your tax and financial needs.