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Voices for Children

Voices For Children is an initiative we launched in 2009 to ensure the long-term sustainability of services to all abused and neglected children in Fort Bend County. As our community grows and the incidence of abuse increases, there is a heightened demand for additional services to reach every child. We know from experienced that child abuse increases during times of stress and as a result of national and imposed disasters and other traumatic events. Furthermore, we know that we can expect to see a demand for all our services increase by double-digits, similar to our experiences with Hurricane Harvey. We anticipate the demand will be even more amplified with COVID-19. The focus of this initiative is to sustain our funding during traumatic times so we can still offer our services to children who need them during stressful times more than ever.

The Voices For Children initiative invites supporters of Child Advocates of Fort Bend to make a financial pledge payable over five years. As members of our Voices For Children Circle, this group of loyal donors helps to ensure uninterrupted services for our children. It helps us plan for the future and enables us to continue to offer the highest quality, trauma-focused services for children age birth – 18+ years old. Many donors appreciate that their payments can be spread over years, all the while being recognized for the total value of their five-year pledge.

Please join us on a private or virtual Voices for Children tour to inform yourself on the services we offer and how you can be part of this mission. The tour will last 40 minutes to one hour and takes you behind the scenes where you will hear true stories and testimonies from staff and volunteers. Contact Lisa Moore at lmoore@cafb.org to schedule your visit or learn more.


Child Advocates of Fort Bend utilizes volunteers to act as Ambassadors in spreading our message within the community and hosting their guests on these Voices for Children tours. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please visit our Volunteer page or Contact Lisa for more information.

CAFB adheres to a strict Zero Tolerance for Child Abuse Policy in our practices and operations.