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Program News

Child Advocates of Fort Bend was selected to participate in the PMC (Permanent Managing Conservatorship) Pilot program in collaboration with TX CASA. The PMC project focuses on children designated under PMC across the state. These children have been permanently removed from their homes, their parents’ rights terminated, and placed in long term foster care. With more children aging out of care each year, this project aims to create an effective and scalable model CASA programs can use to build avenues to success for these children. By connecting them to services, helping build a network of support, and maintaining a sense of urgency for finding permanency, CASA volunteers can be a lifeline for children in PMC- giving them a better chance at a brighter future. Child Advocates of Fort Bend is now entering the third year of the program. We are participating in developing a PMC Guidebook. The guidebook is the result of the collective efforts of local programs, and provides in-depth resources and best practices for serving children in PMC or long term care. Jackie Townsend, Fort Bend CASA volunteer, was recently hired by TX CASA as the PMC Coach for Fort Bend, Montgomery, Brazos Valley, and Liberty counties. For more information, please go to

Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) Expands
The CAC has expanded to include almost all of the law enforcement jurisdictions in Fort Bend County, which means that we now receive and review all intakes for the county to determine if they meet the criteria for CAC services and we coordinate with our partners to make sure that everyone is working together in the best interest of the children so we can make sure that no children are falling through the cracks and EVERY child in need of our services gets them. In January, we reviewed 296 intakes. We expect that number to continue to increase.

Carrie Graves and Chick-Fil-A Donate Food

THANK YOU Carrie Graves and Chick-Fil-A for donating food for our recent volunteer swearing in celebration! Carrie not only delivered salad and sandwiches, she baked cookies and homemade cheesecake.

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