Giving From the Heart: Letty's Legacy - Child Advocates of Fort Bend
Giving From the Heart: Letty’s Legacy

Giving From the Heart: Letty’s Legacy

Letty Cooley had a big smile and an even bigger heart for children.  She served Child Advocates of Fort Bend as a devoted CASA volunteer for ten years, advocating for many children in foster care. She worked with drug-exposed babies and those who experienced severe abuse. Letty genuinely loved all children, and she firmly believed in the mission of Child Advocates of Fort Bend.

We were saddened by Letty’s passing in December of 2006, but her legacy lives on through our mission and each child we are able to reach, help and heal. Through an unrestricted gift made by a simple bequest in her will, Letty made the agency’s very first legacy gift. It was the final gift needed to complete the building of the Davis George Center, our current location in Rosenberg, which continues to serve hundreds of children each month. Today, we honor Letty by sharing the story of her dedication and the legacy she provided. Child Advocates of Fort Bend invites you to launch your own legacy, empowering your philanthropy in a fresh, energized way — by choosing gift options that can be tailored to your goals and your connection to our mission. Through gift planning, you take the lead.

  • Explore options with the development staff: gift plans, goals, benefits and opportunities to create an experience that is as individual as you are
  • Review this website to get acquainted with the resources and options that can lead to your personalized gift plan
  • Discuss choices with your family and advisors

Child Advocates of Fort Bend is calling for supporters like you to think boldly to help take the agency to the next level by making commitments that will last beyond our lifetimes. It’s never too early or too late to start planning. Some of you may have already included Child Advocates of Fort Bend in your plans, and we’d love to hear from you too. Please contact Jessica Jubin at (281) 341-5136 to start the conversation and learn more about how to build a better tomorrow.

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