Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Tracey Cabucio

Volunteer since 2017

Occupation: Stay at home mom 

How did you originally get involved with Child Advocates of Fort Bend?
I read articles and heard friends talking about CASA and it caught my interest. Then a friend asked if I would be interested in attending a
training course, the rest is history.

What motivates you to volunteer? 
I have been very lucky in my life and privileged with a great family both in my young years and now in my adult life. I feel blessed that I
am able to give the time freely and to give back to those that are in need.

What have you learned from volunteering? 
I have learned that maybe I was not quite as patient as I always thought I was ! Trivial things to you and me can be huge in other
peoples lives.

What would you tell your friends about your volunteer experience with Child Advocates of Fort Bend?
I have had a great experience with Child Advocate of Fort Bend, my supervisor Krystal Vann is amazing and has been with me every
step of my cases. It is a very welcoming atmosphere and the employees always make you feel special for volunteering, your time is
never taken for granted.

What do you like to do in your spare time (hobbies/interests)? 
I love to work out and stay fit, I have three dogs that take up lots of time and of course spending time with family. I travel home to
Scotland to see my family which is always very special.

What is a fun fact you would like people to know about you? 
I have a hard time ordering food at drive through windows as I guess my accent gets strong through the intercom and nobody ever
understands me!