Annual Volunteer Banquet

Each February, Child Advocates of Fort Bend celebrates its incredible volunteers with a beautiful dinner and tribute.  Volunteers are recognized with special awards including CASA Volunteer of the Year, CAC Volunteer of the Year, Event Volunteer of the Year, Lifetime Achievement Award and many others.  The capstone of the evening is the Child Advocates of Fort Bend’s Volunteer of the Year.  All volunteers are recognized for their hours and years of service.  Always a wonderful evening, join us this year to pay tribute to those special everyday heroes who do so much to change the lives of children who have been abused and neglected.

Volunteer Recognition

We hold our Volunteer Appreciation Banquet annually to recognize volunteers and thank them for their service. At our dinner on February 15, 2018, we recognized the following volunteers for exceptional service in 2017.

The 2018 Child Advocate of the Year is Cynthia Barratt.

Other award recipients included:

Southern Ice Cream
Community Partner of the Year

Chinnu Meher-Homji
CAC Volunteer of the Year




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Lois Gremminger
CASA Co-Volunteer of the Year

Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office
Special Crimes Unit
Professional of the Year

Fort Bend Junior Service League
Event Volunteer of the Year

Deborah Thompson
Voices for Children Ambassador of the Year


Tamika Harvey
Mariel Barrera Champion for Children

Jim McClellan
Blue Ribbon Award



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Robert Culak
Lifetime Hero

See more photos from the Volunteer Banquet below:
photos courtesy of Sue Lockwood




Volunteer Award Recipients

Child Advocate of the Year

2018      Cynthis Barratt

2017      Carrie Fix

2016      Dana Clement

2015      Sylviane Hoare

2014      Sue & Jim Lockwood

2013      Tom & Kathy Brauen

2012      Geri Brecker

2011      Pat Somers

2010      Joan Soland

2009      Pam Collins

2008      Pat & Janice King

2007      Ruthanne Mefford

2006      Doug Mueller

2005      Bob Bennett

2004      Bob Brown

2003      Peggy Jackson

2002      Tom & Christine DeLay

2001      Connie Van Dyke

2000      Richard Early

1999      Dee Koch

1998      Judge Thomas Stansbury

1997      John Healey


CASA Volunteer of the Year

2016      Gillian Cooke

2015      Karen Jordin

2014      Mattie Ford

2013      Jennifer Montgomery

2012      Susan Davis

2011      Cathy Barrett

2010      Justine Spath

2009      Mary Allen & Shirley Brown

2008      Paula Gibson

2007      Arleen Kluepfel

2006      Pam Collins

2005      Kathy Eyring & Anne Davis

2004      Kathy Brauen & Rosanne Boczar

2003      Tom & Bobbie Sherrill


2001      Louise Ramsey

2000      Beverly Stegall

1999      Kathy Turner & Dawn Meador

1998      Beth Camacho, Linda Schmidlin & Cheri Zarzecki

1997      Michelle Camilli & Georgie Roenigk

1996      Marsena Alley & Dianne Wuensch

1995      Linda Schroen & Donna Gilmore

1994      Shirley Cross


CAC Volunteer of the Year

2016      Jenny Joseph

2015      Louie the Poodle & Margaret Proctor

2014      Steve McDonough

2013      Rebecca Deal

2012      Susan Prickett

2011      Jenifer Williams

2010      Mary Alice Grover

2009      Patsy Carpentar

2008      Justine Spath

2007      Nancy Hockaday

2006      Kira Halcarz

2005      Shelia Boyt

2004      Gerri Brecker

2003      Janice King


2001      Margie Bodemuller

2000      Beverly Stegall

1999      Nancy Hockaday

1998      Gerri Brecker


Community Partner of the Year

2016      Knights of Columbus – St. Angela Merici

2015      Del Webb

2014      Charles & Candy Leigh

2013      Fort Bend Junior Service League

2012      Sugar Land Exchange Club

2011      Brian Covault, Texas Community Referral Network

2010      Pamela Printing

2009      Fluor

2008      George Foundation

2007      Fort Bend Junior Service League

2006      St. Laurence Catholic Church

2005      Judge Bass


Professional of the Year

2016      Jarrett Nethery

2015      Stacey Mitchell

2014      Lisa Gregg

2013      Mike Hartman

2012      Donna Quackenbush

2011      Carolyn Childers

2010      Rose Mary Schulze

2009      Kathy Black & Marshia Cox

2008      Marjorie Hancock

2007      Carol Thesing

2006      Suzy Morton

2005      Kathy Johnson

2004      Mary Spilman


2002      Cathy Fisher

2001      Diana Adams

2000      Kevin Brownlee


Event Volunteer of the Year

2016      Lori Renfrow

2015      Mimi Zaybak

2014      Jenny Joseph

2013      Pam Collins

2012      Mary Favre

2011      Robert Wolter & Paul Yasilli

2010      Irene Wisner