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For Community Groups

Child abuse not only impacts the victimized child, but it also affects families who may experience the removal of their child as a result of a report of physical abuse or neglect.  Other families may experience shock and feelings of guilt and helplessness following a disclosure of sexual abuse by their child.  Child abuse impacts our entire community by putting stress and additional costs on our institutions to provide services to children and families.

Children and families are the fabric of our community.  As members of Fort Bend County’s community, we want all children to be safe and all families to be supportive and loving.

It is important that community groups are informed about child abuse, that they are aware of the services provided by Child Advocates of Fort Bend, and that they encourage their members to get involved – volunteer, take a Voices For Children Tour of our building, invite us to come speak at your membership meetings, attend trainings and educational workshops put on by Child Advocates of Fort Bend or support the movement through a financial contribution.

It will take all of us working together to ensure that children are safe and have healthy childhoods, their voices are heard, and they grow up to raise their own children in homes free from abuse or neglect.