2020 Annual Report

Mission, Vision & Values
Our Mission

To Strengthen the Child’s Voice, Heal the Hurt and
Break the Cycle of Abuse and Neglect for Children and
Families in Fort Bend and Surrounding Counties


Our Vision

To end the cycle of abuse and neglect

We are Child Advocates of Fort Bend.
And these are our values.






We are accredited with Texas CASATM, National CASATM Association,
Children’s Advocacy Centers of Texas and National Children’s Alliance.



Collaborative         Healing           Inclusive      Life-Changing      Dedicated 



We recognize the importance of relationships and connect children with a network of support, engage family members and coordinate with partner agencies in a Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) approach to focus on the child in a holistic manner.

5,360 reports of child abuse were reviewed in 2020.

2,458 of those met criteria to receive a forensic interview – an increase of 53% over 2019 when 1,619 reports met criteria.

40 partners

We work collaboratively with 40 partners in our Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) approach to achieve the best outcomes for children.

1,206 forensic interviews

Our Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) reviews all reports of child abuse for Fort Bend County and determines if they meet criteria to receive services at our Center. We conducted 1,206 forensic interviews of children who were alleged victims of sexual abuse, severe physical abuse or witnesses to violence. The interview enables children to have their voices heard and is the first step on their journey to healing.

We partnered with Harris Health System to open a medical clinic at AccessHealth in Fort Bend so that services for children who have disclosed sexual abuse will be available locally. The sexual assault exam (SANE) is a critical step in a child’s physical and emotional healing as well as in the prosecution of criminal offenses of child abuse.

326 children

In 2020, 326 children met the criteria to receive a sexual assault exam.

first patient

The new clinic saw its first patient in December 2020.

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We help children and families believe that healing is possible and see a life beyond the abuse.

We provide a safe place in our Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) to tell what happened, utilize trauma-informed, evidence-based therapies and ensure medical needs are met, leading to healing and restoration. In our CASA Program, we match every child in foster care with a CASA Advocate to ensure safety and wellbeing.

3,524 children and families were served in 2020.

Our CAC creates a customized treatment plan for every child. Our team of clinical professionals, social workers and therapists coordinate services for the child and family to ensure the best outcomes so these very hurt children can heal.

2,390 free therapy sessions

Children and family members received 2,390 free therapy sessions. Clinical Family Advocates provided support and resources and coordinated victim services for 1,652 families.

“Therapy helped me so much. I wouldn’t be who I am
today without coming here to the CAC.”

Monique R.


Our Criminal Court Advocates were a support and companion for 728 children as they prepared for court, sat in courtrooms facing their abusers and often were called to testify.


“Telling the judge and all the people in the courtroom what my daddy did to me was one of the scariest days of my life. I was so happy to have Renee there to make me feel safe.”

Valerie N

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We are open to ALL child victims and non-offending family members, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, language, income or any other factor. All our services are provided at no cost.


Child Advocates of Fort Bend served 2,274 children in 2020.

All Children’s Advocacy Center services are available in English and Spanish.

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We break the cycle of abuse in countless ways through building resiliency and empowerment, creating family support systems and networks, training in life skills and providing educational enrichment to transform lives.


We doubled family connections for 86 children who had none. We provided life skills and educational advocacy for 116 elementary, middle and high school  children and youth.


lifelong support networks for 86 children

Our Collaborative Family Engagement (CFE) program located, engaged and built relationships with extended family members for 86 children to create lifelong support networks, affirmed belonging and family identity and often led to permanent placements.

learning + lifeskills

43 N.E.S.T. youth ages 6-13 participated in remote learning experiences through custom kits and interactive virtual sharing workshops, focused on back-to-school readiness, social enrichment and health and hygiene. WINGS youth ages 14-18 engaged in life-skills training including career readiness, financial literacy, health care management, housing, transportation and foster alumni resources using specialized kits, interactive learning sessions and virtual mock job interviews.

100% high school graduation rate

100% of WINGS seniors graduated from high school and are now pursuing higher education, military service or careers.

“I feel like that was one of the major things for me – being introduced to college life”

Mark P.
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Our staff and volunteers go above and beyond by doing everything in their power to advocate for a child’s best interest and meeting the child wherever they are in their journey.


Volunteers traveled 25,037 miles and donated 4,933 hours in 2020.



finding new ways

CASA Volunteer Advocates attended court hearings via Zoom, found ways to visit children digitally and held virtual and drive by celebrations to recognize milestones for children we serve. Graduation parade watch celebrations were held for 6 children and in November, we held our first virtual National Adoption Day celebration. watch

Our CASA Volunteers and staff helped 197 children in foster care strengthen their voices last year. They presented the “best interests” of children in foster care in over 507 hearings, guaranteeing that the children did not fall through the cracks and become another statistic. With their help, 11 children in foster care were successfully reunited with family and 16 children in foster care were adopted and found their “forever” homes. We provided a CASA Volunteer Advocate for 100% of children in foster care in Fort Bend – for the 19th straight year!

“Miss Kathy. . .she gave us that – that feeling of, you know, you can trust me and I’m trustworthy and I’ve got you . . . You are not alone.” 

Barry P.
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our funding


SPECIAL EVENTS                  $393,825
GENERAL DONATIONS         $476,690
FOUNDATION GRANTS        $997,563

CAFB appreciates the generosity of our community particularly during the pandemic when the need was so great.

Child Advocates of Fort Bend is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. Copies of our audited financials and annual budget are available upon request.

Our Form 990 is available at www.cafb.org.

CAFB adheres to a strict Zero Tolerance for Child Abuse policy in our practices and operations.



2020 & COVID 19

2020 & COVID-19


Deemed an “essential service” by the Governor, we kept our doors open
throughout 2020. With the increase in reports of abuse came an increase
in need for our services. The number of children served increased by 60%
over the past 8 years and was up 22% alone in 2020. Yet, fundraising was
challenged by safety concerns and the cancellation of in-person events.
Despite this, we thank the Fort Bend Community for their many generous
in-kind donations. Partners provided staff and clients with gloves and
masks. Grants from The George Foundation, the Child Welfare Board
and others provided laptops for children to complete schoolwork and
participate in distance counseling with our therapists. Donors provided
blankets, stuffed animals, food and basic needs so that children could be
comforted during these times of trauma and stress.

What we saw.

We saw more severe cases of abuse with many children witnessing
violence including murders, murder/suicides and accidental shootings.
Domestic violence was up 30%50% across the region and children were
physically isolated in homes creating conditions conducive to: physical
abuse, sexual abuse, maltreatment and neglect (parental and caregiver
job loss, substance abuse, mental illness, abuser in the household, access
to weapons in the household and more).

For children in foster care, the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic
amplified their anxiety. Children no longer saw their teachers daily at
school. Visits by family members were curtailed or scheduled virtually. For
children who had already experienced trauma from abuse and neglect,
this isolation and lack of personal interaction took a toll. There were
higher levels of anxiety, depression, PTSD and suicidality. Reunification
and permanency were delayed due to closed or limited court proceedings
and the inability of parents to complete their court-ordered services.

What we did.

Forensic interviews continued onsite, spacing the scheduling so that
families were not sharing common space. State intakes of child abuse
cases were reviewed by staff remotely. Medical referrals for sexual assault
exams were referred through email and telephone and Case Review Team
meetings with partners were conducted virtually. Therapists conducted
distance therapy sessions remotely using a telemedicine platform.

Volunteer CASA Advocates interacted with foster children through digital
means. We continued to focus on educational and enrichment programs
for foster youth ages 6-18 years with innovative and creative ways to
host summer programs using virtual and in-person delivery. Toolkits were
created and delivered to the children followed by virtual workshops. We
reformatted Graduation, National Adoption Day and other milestone
events as drive-thru parades and outdoor programming.

We amplified our outreach efforts.

Through our Community Engagement services we worked to prevent
child abuse through awareness and education. We delivered critical
messaging through digital mediums, virtual presentations and community
television PSAs using our staff experts to talk about the Coronavirus and
coping strategies. We featured a “Tuesdays at 2” segment on Facebook
Live watch with staff and other experts talking about the health crisis and its
effect on children, including topics on anxiety, self-care and regulation,
and parenting strategies. Family “Fun Fridays” watch provided activities for
parents and children to do together, while also providing information on
awareness and prevention.

Fundraising events were canceled, reformatted, rescheduled, or
reimagined. Our Voices for Children Breakfast was cancelled. Our Gala
was moved to late summer and became a virtual event. Our annual
Christmas Home Tour was reformatted to a digital event and expanded
from a two-day to a month-long event, complete with a myriad of holiday
demonstrational videos for participants. As a result, social media reach in
December 2020 was nearly 300,000 people.

What we learned.

With community support, we were able to adapt and find new and
innovative ways to work, many of which we will continue to use moving
forward. We thank you for your generous support in 2020 and ask for
your continued support of the children and our agency. With your help,
we are transforming children’s lives.


watch virtual programming

Tuesdays at 2pm

Play and Connection

Doing for Others

Parenting Strategies

Being a Foster Parent

Internet Safety

Resilience in Children

Hora de Charlar

TBRI and Discipline

Men of Character

PTSD Awareness and Children

Domestic Violence & Abuse

Furry Friends in our CAC

Hora de Charlar – Abuso Sexual

Forensic Interviewing

What is CFE?

Safe Babies & Visit Coaching

Safe Babies & Visit Coaching 2

Chat with DA Brian Middleton

Human Trafficking

Supporting Adoptive Families

Pinwheel Garden

Engine Plate

Spreading Awareness


Adoption Day Celebration 1

Adoption Day Celebration 2

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our donors

2020 Generous Donors

$50,000 – $385,000

The Cullen Trust for Healthcare
The George Foundation
The Henderson-Wessendorff Foundation
Houston Endowment, Inc.
Madison Charitable Foundation
Madrienne and Stephen Petitjean
Fred and Mabel R. Parks Foundation
Sewell Automotive Companies

$5,000 – $49,999

Cynthia Barratt and Nat Adkins, Jr.
Ruby Bateman
Loretta and Hans Bisewski
Drs. Juliet and Scott Breeze
Charity Guild of Catholic Women
Consolidated Home Health
Gayle and Robert Culak
Early McClintic & McMillan, LLP
Ecolab, Inc.
Emerson Charitable Trust
Exchange Club of Missouri City
Exchange Club of Sugar Land
Fluor Corporation
Fort Bend Junior Service League
Laura and Joe Freudenberger
Greater Houston Community Foundation
Gulf Coast Medical Foundation
Sulabha and Vasant Hardikar Family Fund
Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation
Independent Financial
In-N-Out Burger Foundation
Penni and Mark Lapeyrouse

Bruce and Bonnie Longaker
Ralph H. & Ruth J. McCullough Foundation
Minute Maid
National Oilwell Varco
Network for Good
Niagara Cares
The John M. O’Quinn Foundation
Julia Pace
Rangeland Energy
Jenna Ross
Deann and Mark Rueff
Julia and Arthur Saller
Dixie and Tracy Sanders
Smith Family Foundation
William A. and Madeline Welder Smith Foundation
Pat and Brad Somers
Southern Company Gas
The Thankful Ones
Union Pacific Foundation
Jolene and Dr. John Vanderzyl
Waller County
Bert F. Winston, Sr. Foundation

$2,500 – $4,999

Margie and Tom Adolph
Eileen G. Akerson
Jennifer Anderson
Dr. Betty Baitland
BGE, Inc.
Cane Island/Rise Communities
Virginia and Robert Douds
Kyle and Thomas Duff
Debbie Elmer
Fort Bend County Crime Victim’s Response Team
Andrea and Don Gawick
Susie and Doug Goff
Brenna and Jim Gregory
Theo and The Honorable John Healey
Indo American Forum

Barbara and Bryan Ives
Kathy and Christopher Keene
KW Southwest
Vickie and Carl Looney
Suzy Morton and Dell Toelkes
Susan Nemer-Haddix
Nancy and Pete Olson
Monica and Dan Rayburn
Ron Roberts
Southern Ice Cream
Sugar Lakes Family Practice, PA
Patti and Gary Tuma
Kathaleen Wall
Larry and Christy Willman

$10 – $2,499

Anonymous (2)
Actinver Securities, Inc.
Carol and Neal Adamcik
Amber Adams
Judy and Roland Adamson
Roger Adamson
Louisa and Denny Adelung
Farha Ahmed and Zubair Ashraf
Mary and Albert Allen
Pauline Allen
Orlando Alvarado
Peter Alvarado
Amegy Bank
Diane and David Amundson
Cindy and Jeff Anderson
Dawn Anderson
Vicki Arnold
Astros Foundation
Moureen Azagidi
Rosalind Baldwin
Delores and Gray Baldwin
Adrienne and Brian Barker
Jeanne and Kevin Barker
Jonee and Paul Barnett
Susan Barnett
Carl Barrick
Amy and Gary Becker
Scott Beckwith
Karen Bell
Carol Benedettini
Melinda Benefield
Jennifer Berry
Pat Bethancourt
Ammie Blahuta
Barbara Bleil
Shannon and Michael Bloesch
Kristin Booher
De Etra Branch
Jessica Braquet
Brattain Family Charitable Fund
Lillie and Christopher Breaux
Catherine B. Brennan
Brewer Construction Services, LLC
Claudia Bridges
Elizabeth Bridges
Tanya Broholm
Jennifer Brown
Derwin Brown
Linda and Jim Brown
Lisa Bryant
Terese and John Buess
Amy and Shane Burden
Alison and Jonathan Burrows
Butler Design Services
Joanne and David Buto
Mariel Caballero
Elizabeth and Carlos Camacho
Shanna Candelaria
Ann and Jimmy Cantu
Juanita Cantu
Carpenter & Carpenter, P.C.
Valerie Carrillo
Sonya Caruso
Cassandra and James Casey
Lindsey and Elias Castellanos
Catholic Daughters of the Americas #2211
Brenda Cauthen
Christy and Gary Cavalli
Simmi Chaudhary
Rita Cheng
Susan Chevalier
Classic Events
Meg Clemans
Dana and Jason Clement
Ronald and Kristen Clough
Barbara Lee and Terrell Cochran
Janet Colborne
Victoria and Rick Collins
Jennifer and Troy Collins
Pamela and Steve Collins
Juanita Collins
Kathy Conahan
Linda Conrad
Debbie and Peter Cook
Catherine and Matt Cort
Elsa and Robert Cortez
Brian and Lawren Covault
Carol Cox
Laura Cozac
Justine and Mark Crabbe
Jeff Craig
Janice Cronch
Trudy Crupper
Jill and Sandy Curtis
Alycia Curtis
Ms. Megan DaGata
Nancy and David Dale
Michelle and Frank D’Antuono
Kay Danziger
Nichole Davis
Robert Korbel Davis
Casey and Rod Davis
Lisa and Alan Davis
Charlotte Davis
Stephanie de Jongh
Vianne De Young
Jackie DeGroot
Frances Desmond
Vidya Dighe
Barbara Dinges
Disc Golf Consultants, LLC
Jason Doan
Jeff Dodson
Dream Dinners of Sugar Land, LLC
Kirsten Drews
Heather Dulin
Gracia Wynne Duncan
Daniel and Brenda Durand
Meg Dzik
Ellen and Doug Earle
Anita Eaves
Brigit and Andrew Engleman
Mitzi Euell
Carol Evans
Exchange Club of Fort Bend
Fabulous You Boutique
Margaret Farrow
Alice and Steve Fernelius
Fidelity National Title
First Fulshear United Methodist Church
Cheryl Fletcher
Fluor Foundation Matching Funds
Pat Foley
Fort Bend Forward, Inc.
Juli Fournier
Colleen and Andrew Fox
Lee Ann Fragale
Lisa Fragale
Clemetric Frazier
Martha Freeman
Stacey French
Michelle and Steve Fritzer
Frost Bank
Ashley Fry
June and John Fryters
Bonnie and Geoffrey Galow
Farrah and Himesh Gandhi
Rosemary Garzelli
Jerry Gaubert
Cynthia Gazouleas
Lore Gentry
Shirlaine George
James Gibson
Doris Gill
Amanda Gloff
Rick Godwin
Amber Goldapple
Valerie and Samuel Golden
Juan Gomez
Eva Gomez
Larry Gomez, Jr.
Deborah Gonynor
Goodman Financial Corporation
Pamela Duggan Gray
Jessica Cangelosi Gregory
Jeanne Gregory
Gulf Coast Construction
Jay Gulley
Phillip Gustafson
Kristy and Hector Gutierrez
Susan Hacker
Jennifer Haines
Lynn and Dr. Dennis Halford
Stephen Hanan
Marjorie and Chris Hancock
Janie Hanna
Michelle and Timothy Hannah
Paula Hansen
Alison and Greg Haralson
Tawanna Harding
Julia F. Hardy
Karen Harrell
Mary Harris
Katie Harris
William Harris McGrath
Sally Sue Harriss
Dr. Peggy Hart
Lt. Mike Harvey
Giulia Hattan
Andrea Hayes
Pat and The Honorable Robert Hebert
Kathy and John Heinemann
Helfman Ford Company
Lauran Helms
Terry Henderson
Elizabeth Hendrie
Chris Hengst
Jessica and Ahmad Hernandez
Heather Hernandez-Sedillo
Lynn and Charles Hewitt
Tracie and Donald Hollis
Carol Holton
Carla and Pete Horn
Tamra Horsley
Mike Hosterman
Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital
Gail Huff
Dwana Hunnicutt
Michelle Hunt
Megan Huther
Melissa Ibanez
Stevie Irby
Cynthia and Marvin Ivey
Alexis and Brad Jackson
Peggy and Steve Jackson
Deborah and Jeffrey Jackson
Diane Jackson
Eugenia Jacobs
Reshma Jagai
Grayle and David James
LaDon James
Kristin and Janos Janossy
Kimberly and Billy Jarrell
Juli and Melissa Johnson
Alida and Brad Johnson
Cynthia D. Johnson
Renee and Chris Johnson
Don Johnson
Nicola Johnson
Gayle Johnson
Penny Johnson
Karen and David Johnston
Deborah Jones
Debra and Thomas Jones
Barbara and Reginald Jones
Grace and Elliott Jones
Jenetha and Algernon Jones
Robin Jordan
Jordan Ranch by Johnson Development
Karen and Robert Jordin
Lisa and Steve Kampwerth
Karen Arbelaez RE/MAX Fine Properties
Darleen and Dick Kastner
Laura Kennedy
Susan and James Kenney
Naushad and Narmin Kermally
Leah Ketrick
Janice and Pat King
Ann and Bill Kingrey
Nancy and Kurt Kirchof
Robert Kizer
Arlene and Arlen Klosterboer
David Klosterboer
Lauren and Michael Klosterboer
Cynthia and Allen Knapic
David Knippa
Dee Koch
Mary Koehler
Charlene and Henry Clayton Koon
Carla Korthauer
Tammy and Ken Kosub
Donna Kottwitz
Laura Kreeb
Kroger Share Card Program
Suzanne and David Krusleski
Diane Kuligowski
Sundara Kulkarni, MD
Rhonda and Tommy Kuykendall
Dr. Melissa Kwan
Yatping R. Kwan
Connie Kwan-Wong
Wai Kwok
Debra Lacy
Shaw-Miin and Po-Sheng Lai
Drs. Angela McCain and David Lanagan
Lisa Landry
Arika Landry
Melanie Lane

Laura and Claude Leatherwood
Brenda Leiber
Candy and Charles Leigh
Kyle Leinen
Joel Levine
Angela and Harold Lewis
Mary and Edward Lewis
Lights Unlimited
Manmeet and Prithvipal Likhari
Christopher Liu
Jamie Lloyd
Sue and James Lockwood
Rick Lockwood
Dana Loper
Thelma and John Loper
Kevin Loper
Kelley Lou
Rhonda Lowery
Milton Lucas
Stephen Luevanos
Luxe Plastic Surgery
Julie Machac
Theresa Mahecha
Nancy and Michael Malke
Vanessa Mao
Debbie Marcell Real Estate
Dr. Eliz Markowitz
Amanda Martin
Virginia Martin
Metoyer and Seth Martin
Beverly and Rick Martinez
Courtney and Thomas Mason
Sarah Mayle
Monica and Xavier Maza
Deborah and Richard Mazzola
Tammy McCall
Cindy McCauley
Jim McClellan
Chelsea and Dexter McCoy
Alexis McDaniel
Angelia McDaniel
Kim McElreath
Carol McElyea
Dawn McGuire
Jennifer McGuire
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Quynh-Anh McMahan
Sarah and Mark McMeans
Jeanna and James Meek
Ruthanne and Dr. Ivan Mefford
Patrick Melkus
Sandra Mendoza
Dana and Randy Mersiovsky
Shirley and L A Meyers
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Treanne and Texas State Rep Rick Miller
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Pledgeling Foundation
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Kristin Stiles-Janossy
Mr. Thomas J. Strauser and SSGT Troy De Robertis
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Sharla Sturgeon
Suburban Houston Ft. Bend Delta Sigma Theta
Sugar Land First United Methodist Church
Sugar Land Skeeters
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You’ve Got Maids of Sugar Land – Lorna Broomfield
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VOICES FOR CHILDREN Sustainable Giving Program Donors


Children’s Hero ($50,000)

Margie and Tom Adolph
Eileen G. Akerson
OCuSoft, Inc.

Children’s Advocate ($25,000)

Amy and Shane Burden
Karen and David Johnston
Sally and Edward Lewis
Kimbra Valachovic

Children’s Voice ($5,000)

Carol and Neal Adamcik
Louisa and Denny Adelung
Farha Ahmed and Zubair Ashraf
Gillian Alexander
All Star Storage
Dr. Betty Baitland
Dr. Kauser Bari
Kathy Beaulne
BEC Engineers & Consultants
Robyn Boyle
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Hilary Brawner
Drs. Juliet and Scott Breeze
Chuck Bucek
Larry Caldwell, DDS and Associates Pediatric Dentistry
Monty Campbell
Cane Island/Rise Communities
Susan and Clark Carruth
Betty Clark-Forman
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Kris Cobb
Cookie Joe’s Dancin’ School, Inc.
Hydee and Billy Corbin
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Gayle and Robert Culak
Jill and Sandy Curtis
Michelle and Frank D’Antuono
Kay Danziger
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Linda and Thomas DeBesse
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Early McClintic & McMillan, LLP
Enchanted Forest Nursery & Landscapes
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fun abounds
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The Huerta Family
Lucy and Ron Hudson
Nancy and Ken Hughes
Alexis and Brad Jackson
Alicia Jammer
The Janossy Family
Evelyn Janssen
Melissa and Juli Johnson
Renee and Chris Johnson

Jessica and Eric Jubin
Nancy and Kurt Kirchof
Cynthia and Dr. Daryl Knox
Tammy and Ken Kosub
Melissa Kwan and Danny Rigg
Whitney and Sean Laffere
Drs. Shelena and Ayeez Lalji
Penni and Mark Lapeyrouse
Shelli LeBret and Jim Sledzik
Longaker Foundation
Vickie and Carl Looney
Pam and Mark Magee
Marketing Refresh
Barbara DiBlasi Marlin
Janet and Bob Mayo
Virginia McBride
Chelsea and Dexter L. McCoy
Carolyn and Ross McEathron
Ruthanne and Dr. Ivan Mefford
Chinnu and Cyrus Meher-Homji
Sheri Menegaz
Dana and Randy Mersiovsky
Coretta and The Honorable Brian Middleton
Marcelo Moacyr
Darryl Montgomery
Lisa and David Moore
Michelle Navarro and Michael Lucia
Kyle and Michael Nelson
Sara and Huy Nguyen
Jane and Robert O’Dell
The Olson Family
Linda and Gayle Page
Ruby and Leonardo Pekola
Carlos A. Perez
Jill and Barkley Peschel
April Roberts
Jennifer Roberts
Farah and Dean Robicheaux
Pam and Davis Scarborough
Sandra Segura-Plata
Mary Margaret and Chris Sims
Michael Sims
Fallon and Yves Sivuilu
Chris and Jack Smith
Susan and Michael Smith
Pat and Brad Somers
Michelle and Michael Steenbergen
Cindy and Chip Sutton
Sharon L. Svendsen
Alicen Swift
May Tape, DDS
Kristin and Shannon Tassin
Laura and Robert Thompson
Tricia Turner
Dr. Shiroz Virani
Tracy Walker and Mike Andrade
Monica and Dallis Warren
Donna and Leo Weinberg
KK and S. Scott West
Jane and Frank Yonish
Michelle and Dr. Georgios Ziakas

Voices for Children Donors

Diane Amundson
Stacy and Keith Borgfeldt
Manal Broeckelmann
Judy Burfict
Victoria and Rick Collins
Roy Cordes
Linda Drummond
Ellen and Doug Earle
Exchange Club of Missouri City
Stacy Foster
Kelly Fox
Ryan Gawick
Kristina Gawick
Jessica Gregory
Linda Guerrero
Amy Hawkins
Theo and John Healey
Denise and Rodney Heisch
Debra and Thomas Jones

Kathy Martin
Metoyer and Seth Martin
Beverly and Rick Martinez
Barbara Mintz
Patsy Moreno
Claudia Currarino Moyano
Diana and John Null
Kathie Owen
Barbara and Gregory Pepper
Heather Peterkin
Alisse Pratt
Smart Financial Credit Union
Carolyn and James Steenbergen
Brooke P. Thompson
Candice Tillman
Cathy and Scott Valby
Elissa R. Wedemeyer, OD
WJ Interests LLC
Bridget Yeung

In-Kind Donors

2 Bros in the Kitchen
4.0 Cellars
Cindy Ackermann
Karen Adams
Roger Adamson
Margie Adolph
Aguirre & Fields, L.P.
Farha Ahmed
Monica Aizpurua
Rosie Aizpurua
Eileen G. Akerson
Alings Chinese Bistro
Dawn Alvarez
Amber Alyse Hair Studio
Anchor Bend Church
Jennifer Anderson
Anita David Salon
Krissy Arnold
Kyle Atchison
The Auberge at Sugar Land
Terry Azzoyz
B.F. Terry High School
Baldwin Liaison Consulting, LLC
Bark Box
Barnes and Noble
BASH Sienna
Jennifer Bell
Karen Berezin, Scents & More by Karen
Black Hawk Country Club
BlackHorse Golf Club
Michelle Blanchard
Blueprint Designs, LLC
Reshma Bond
Philippe Boueaumont
Barb Boyett
Brandani’s Restaurant & Wine Bar
Jessica Braquet
Kathleen Brauen
Deb Bray
Suzanne Brisson
Mary Bruner
Christina Burnett
Alison Burrows
Michelle Cano
Catholic Daughters of the Americas #2211
Olivia Cedillo
Championship Trophies
An Chau
Children’s Lighthouse Grand Mission
Christ Church Sugar Land
Yolaine Clawson
Heather Cody
Pamela Collins
Catherine L. Connors
Cookie Joe’s Dancin’ School, Inc.
Ada Cooper
Roy Cordes
Corelli’s Italian Cafe
Sydney Crane
Maureen Crasta
Wendy Cross
CRU Home
Nancy Dale
Kay Danziger
Dapple Grey Co.
Charlotte Davis
Jonathan Davis
Melissa Davis
Debbie Deacon
Del Webb Sweetgrass Needlecrafters
Jack DeNina
The Design Source
Sridevi Devaraj
Carol Dillon
Emily Dorr
Dr. Shel Wellness & Aesthetic Center
Dream Dinners of Sugar Land, LLC
Susie Duarte
Dudes & Daisies
Thomas Duffy
Amber Dugas
Robert Dunham
Daniel Durand
Cathy Ebeck
Elegant Jewelers
Energy Mechanical Services, Inc.
Brigit Engleman
Joyce Ericsson
Kelly Evans & Erin Lundberg
Exchange Club of Missouri City
Mark Eyring
F45 Riverstone
Fabulous You Boutique
Fancy Schmancy Decor
Carrie Fix
Vanessa R. Forse
Fort Bend Central Appraisal District
Fort Bend Friends and Neighbors
Fort Bend ISD Partners in Education
Fort Bend ISD Police Department
Fort Bend Junior Service League
Fort Bend Taekwondo
Joe Freudenberger
Friends of Child Advocates of Fort Bend
Rebecca Fuller
Kelly and Tom Gaines – Pink Zebra
Nora Garcia
Debra Garner
Amanda Gentry
Lore Gentry
The George Foundation
Robin Ginger
Susie Goff
Trisha Goins
Deborah Gonynor
Greatwood Golf Club
Robin C. Greer
Lois Gremminger
Khori Grice
Guideposts Foundation
The Guild
Gulf Coast Auto Park
Natalie Hade
Jennifer Haines
Lynn Halford
Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa
Deborah Hanks
Frances Harris
Mike Harvey
Darlene Hatfield
Pat Hebert
Helfman Ford Company
Hickory Lane Photography
Abby Hicks
Patricia Hinsley
House of the Rising Cookie
Houston Piano Company
Stephanie Howard
Tara Hull
Kim Indelicato
Infusion Body & Skin Care
Stevie Irby
Iron Cross Gymnastics & Dance
Jack & Jill – Katy – Prarie View Chapter
Alexis Jackson
Peggy Jackson
Brenda Jenkins
Jenkins & Kamin, LLP
Sandra Johnson
David C. Johnston
Brenda Jokinen
Deborah Jones
Terri Jones
Tina Joseph
Joseph’s Coffee & Cigars
Rayeet Juneja
Aiden Kampwerth
Lisa Kampwerth
Katy First United Methodist Church
Kendra Scott Cinco Ranch
Kendra Scott Sugar Land
Jessica Kij
Kurt Kirchof
Crystal Kitagawa
Mary Koehler
Donna L. Kolar
David Krusleski
Sreevidya Kumar
Judy Kurrus
Kurup Keys, Realtor at RE/MAX Fine
Malik Kutty
Rhonda Kuykendall
Annette La Sala
Rowena Laine
Lamar Consolidated Common Threads
Lorna Lamb
Jasdeep Lamba
Mark Lapeyrouse

Connie Lapotaire
Frankie Lara
Claude B. Leatherwood
Regenia Lee
Sally Lentakis
Leonetti Graphics
Joyce Levine
LIMElight Films
Colleen Lingle
Lonnie Link
James Lockwood
Annie Lombardi
Lone Star Pet Lodge
Bruce Longaker
Vickie Looney
Dana Loper
Judith Maddison
Make It Pretty Nails
Anna Mangus
Beverly and Rick Martinez
Mar Martinez
Massage Envy Greatwood
Randall May
Tonie Maynard
DeAnn McAdoo
Tammy McCall
Cynthia McCauley
Kim McElreath
Charles McGuire
Quynh-Anh McMahan
Ruthanne Mefford
Chinnu Meher-Homji
Merry Maids
Randy Mersiovsky
Messina Hof Winery & Resort
Metcalf Fine Art Portraits
Maria Metoyer
Brian M. Middleton
Milk + Honey Spa
Zeenat K. Mitha
Joshua D. Moore
Lisa Moore
Tammy Morris
Margaret Morrison
Suzy Morton
Thomas Mouch
FW Murphy Production Controls
Laurie Murray
Reyes Naranjo
Needville High School
NEHS Lula Belle Goodman Elem. Chapter
Carol Neitz
Sara Nguyen
Janet North
Diane Le Noto
Jane O’Dell
Cara Obi, Scentsy Independent Consultant
Nancy and Pete Olson
Pamela Printing Co.
Nahid Panjwani
Jill Paquette
Christi Parham
Parker’s Power Washing
Diane Pavlicek
Gail Pawlowski
Pepperoni’s – Rosenberg
Zoe Phan
Megan Phillips
Pier 36 Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar
Debbie Poncik
Pat Pondell
Quail Valley Golf Course
Judith Quander
Vijya Ramesh
Ramji Law Group, PC
Stephanie Reilly
Fiona Remko
Lori A. Renfrow
Bridget Ripley
River Pointe Golf Club
Riverbend Country Club
Jen Rizzo
Jennifer W. Roberts
Martha Rodriguez
Pamela Roehe
William Rohrbach
Kathy Rompola
Stacy Roncal
Judy Ronning
Patty Rose
Seth Sacra
Sadie Belle’s
Shiela Saha
Ashleigh Salinas
Sandy McGee’s Restaurant & Catering
Stephen Scott
Mercedes Seidel
Lisa Selzer
Sewell Automotive Companies
Manette Shaller
Shari Sue Designs
Celina Shariff
April Shaver
Linda Shaver
Tarina Sheridan
Sienna Plantation Golf Club
Priti Singh
Suzanne Slavin
Pat Somers
Maria Sonnen
SOS-ASAP Softwash
Southern Sisters Designs
Debra Speckles
Shayla Spencer
St. Laurence Catholic Church
Debbie Starnes
Michael Stavinoha
Steak 48
James Steenbergen
Michael Steenbergen
Sterling McCall Lexus
Kristin Stiles-Janossy
Sugar Creek Country Club
Sugar Land Skeeters
Joshua Sullivan
Sumac Development, LLC
Sweetwater Christian Church
Sweetwater Country Club
Mary Sydow
Tanks Paintball
Texas Art Supply
Texas Gun Club
Texas Leaguer Brewing
Texas Premier School of Etiquette
Tompkins High School – The Steel Talons
Toseika Thomas
Kathy Thompson
Linda Thompson
Tight BBQ
Mary Titel
Tito’s Handmade Vodka
Travis FFA
Twenty-Two Fifty Interiors
Mary Elen Twiss
University Liquors & Fine Wines
Kimbra Valachovic
John Vanderzyl
Yingchu Velasquez
Velocity Distribution Co, LLC
Vera Bradley at First Colony Mall
Thomas Vida
Mary Villagran
Melissa Villalpando
Shiroz Virani
Renee and David Vogelsang
Gracie & Noel Vogt
Heather Vogt, V Clothiers
Sheri L. Walters
Gina Ward
Missy Waterwall
Andre’ and Kim Watkins, Kickin’ Crawfish
The Wearhouse Boutique
Judy Weber
Tana Weiss
Cindy Westbrook
Jessica Williams
Kathleen Wiltsey
Fay Wohlfahrt
Tammy Wolfe
Lin Wooten
Elise Yanker Hasenei
Catherine Zapalac dba CCrafts
Heysel Zepeda
Zoe’s Bears

2020 Honorariums + Memorials


In Honor of Farha Ahmed – by Venit Patel
In Honor of Maria Blandon-Ali – by Mark Dimas Properties
In Honor of Kurt and Nancy Kirchof – by Saurabh Nitin
In Honor of Cheryl Macaluso – by Shari Nutter, Cynthia and Allen Knapic
In Honor Of Ophelia Mok – by Zaneta Loh
In Honor of Ruthanne Mefford & All CAFB Employees and Volunteers – by Hostage Girl Charity [BETA]
In Honor of Ruthanne’s Granddaughters – by Lisa & David Schlakman
In Honor of Lisa Moore – by Noell Myska
In Honor of Suzy Morton – by Susan Connell
In Honor of Purva Patel’s Birthday – by Niketa Parikh
In Honor of Debbie Poncik – by Scott Berry
In Honor of Eileen Reichert – by Timothy Van Cleve
In Honor of Fiona Remko & Renee Johnson – by Terese and John Buess
In Honor of Veronica Villegas & CASA Gift Card Drive – by Susan Lewis, Elaine Villegas
In Honor of Jennifer Weinzapfel – by Adam Frye


In Memory of my Mother-in-Law – Shailaja Dighe – by Vidya Dighe
In Memory of Lee Duggan – by Sharon Aldrich, Susan and Peter Ehlig, Jane and Jimmy Ferguson, Catherine and Brent Kubala, Mrs. Irene Y. Lahart – Lee LeClear Smashing Success Team, Liz Ledig, Jo Ann Scofield, Debbie and TR Tunnell, Bonnie and Mike Yentzen
In Memory of Lawrence Herberholz – by Lynne Spiwak
In Memory of Norma Mednick – by Mark Jacobs
In Memory of Neil Oatman – by David Oatman
In Memory of Rose Pardue – by Monique Harrison, James Thompson, Suzanne and Ross White, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Williamson
In Memory of Nancy Pritchard – by Anne Almeida, Susan Butler, Julie and Chuck Fix, William Morse, The Elm Group, David and Martha Toone, Stephen Webb
In Memory of Kathy Rohrbach – by Louisa and Denny Adelung, Lisa and Vince Arnold, Dr. Betty Baitland, Delores and Gray Baldwin, Lori Blust, Jackie and Charles Lawrence, Vickie and Carl Looney, Ruthanne and Dr. Ivan Mefford
In Memory of Francis Roseman – by Terry Wiseman
In Memory of Anna Tomasello – by Maria and Christopher Brown, Andre Ferrante, William Flynn, Ms. Judy Gaffney, Antonia Gollob
In Memory of Stan Zarzecki – by Elizabeth and Carlos Camacho

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