2022 Annual Report




our donors

2022 Generous Donors

$50,000 – $250,000

Amy and Shane Burden
Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, Inc.
Fort Bend County Treasurer
Fred and Mabel R. Parks Foundation
The George Foundation
The Henderson-Wessendorff Foundation
John S. Dunn Foundation
Madison Charitable Foundation
Main Family Foundation
Sewell Automotive Companies
Lynne and Aaron Spiwak

$5,000 – $49,999

Anonymous (2)
Farha Ahmed
Eileen G. Akerson
American Omni Trading Company
Alfreda Batts
BB Italia Sugar Land
Bert F. Winston, Sr. Foundation
Donna Camp
CEO Foundation
Charity Guild of Catholic Women
Betty Clark-Forman
D’Ambrosio & Menon, PLLC
Virginia & Robert Douds
Jacquelyn and Bret Dyer
Ecolab Foundation
Emerson Automation Solutions – Pressure Management
Exchange Club of Sugar Land
Fluor Corporation
Fort Bend County Child Welfare Board
Fort Bend Junior Service League
Laura and Joe Freudenberger
Gonsoulin Charitable Trust
Greater Houston Community Foundation
Ross Hablinski
The Harry S. and Isabel C. Cameron Foundation
H-E-B Tournament of Champions
Pollyanne and Michael Hrebenar

Jackie Hrebenar
In-N-Out Burger Foundation
Zona Johnson
Kathy and Christopher Keene
Naushad and Narmin Kermally
KW Southwest
Whitney and Sean Lafeere
Marek Family Foundation
Katie and Matthew Martin
Sue and Tim McCarty
Carol McElyea
The Mundy Family Foundation
National Oilwell Varco
Mr. Terry Nehls
Next Level Urgent Care
Jeff Raley
Ralph H. & Ruth J. McCullough Foundation
Rangeland Energy
Monica and Dan Rayburn
Rotary Club of Katy
Bruce Smith
Smith Family Foundation
Texas Bar Foundation
The Thankful Ones
Jolene and Dr. John Vanderzyl
Waller County
The Williams Companies Inc.

$2,500 – $4,999

Albertsons Safeway
Alings Chinese Bistro
Sharon Ang
Lisa and Vince Arnold
Dr. Betty Baitland
Robert and Luisa Bowers
CivilCorp, LLC
Mark Clemans
Gayle and Robert Culak
Jill and Sandy Curtis
Early McClintic & McMillan, LLP
Cinnamon Edralin
Fort Bend County Crime Victim’s Response Team
Frost Bank – Brazos Town Crossing
Fun Abounds
Houston Federal Credit Union
Susan and Bill Jameson
Johanson & Fairless, LLP
Suzanne Johnson
Tim Johnson
Rhonda and Tommy Kuykendall

Saleem Lakhani
Drs. Angela McCain and David Lanagan
Manmeet and Prithvipal Likhari
Sue and Jim Lockwood
Bruce and Bonnie Longaker
Vickie and Carl Looney
Monica and Xavier Maza
Jim McClellan
Nan & Co Properties
Network for Good
Oakbend Medical Center
Onyx Supply Solutions
Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins & Mott, L.L.P.
Julia and Arthur Saller
Diane and Roger Schomburg
Patricia and Brad Somers
Linda Sparrow
Dr. Dominic Sreshta
Sugar Lakes Family Practice, PA
Shiroz Virani
Tracy Walker and Mike Andrade

$5 – $2,499

Anonymous (2)
Judy and Roland Adamson
Danyna Adewuya
Margie and Tom Adolph
Ray Aguilar
Lucia Aguirre Moore
Dontis Alanis
Mary and Albert Allen
Anna and Mitchell Allen
Marcela Allen
Judith Alverson
Vania Amado
AmazonSmile Foundation
Amegy Bank – Sugar Land
Amegy Bank Foundation
Candace Amini
Amir Hassan of Hass Holdings, LLC
Sarah Amyx
Karl G. Anderson
Barbara Angel
Jacqueline Arnold
Lindsay Asawa
Kyle Atchison
Tricia Atchison
Moureen Azagidi
Linda Blair
Baldwin Liaison Consulting, LLC
Ethan Balis
Ritu Balla
Monica Ballarta
Jeff Balliet
Jeanne and Kevin Barker
Diana and David Barnett
Jonee and Paul Barnett
Cynthia Baratt and Nat Adkins, Jr.
Deborah  and J. Robert Bartos
Mrs. Majid Basit
Ruby Bateman
Vorice Batts
Mary Beale
Anne and Bruce Beatty
Sean Beck
Kelly Benavides
Robert Benavides
Jamie Benitez
Gordon Berkstresser
Hollie Bernhard
BGE, Inc.
Lubeena Bindra
Loretta and Hans Bisewski
Christian Bivens
Angie and Ryan Blacklock
Ammie Blahuta
Bill Bobrick
Shannon and Glenn Bohny
Betty Bolton
Hayley Booher
Brenda Bramhill
Jessica Braquet
Jessica Brassington
Aimee Braswell
Hilary Brawner
Deb and Ken Bray
Claudia Bridges
Melissa Jo Brinkmeyer
Madeline Brister
Tanya Broholm
Jennifer and Kevin Brown
Jim and Linda Brown
Monique Brown
Lisa and Robert Bryant
Carol Buchanan
Renee Buchel
Felicia Buenrostro
Anne and Glenn Bulan
Brendan Burgess
Ginger Burke
Linda Burks
Linda Burns
Alison and Jonathan Burrows
Mary Butler
Lauren Byrne
Mariel Caballero
Tiki Cain-Collins
Karla Calvillo
Carlos Camacho
Elizabeth and Carlos Camacho
Michelle Cano
Julio Cano
Charlotte Cantu
Juanita Cantu
Nora Cantu Mascorro
Karen Caples
Kay and Adam Carlin
Maria Carlos
Carmax Foundation
Amy Carney
Vicki and Jefrey Carson
Colleen Carson
Tricia Cartwright
Mr. Ricky Castanos
Lindsey and Elias Castellanos
Catholic Daughters of the Americas #2211
Terral L. Cesak
Anna Chambers
Simmi Chaudhary
Rita Cheng
Christ Church Sugar Land
Nell Ciancarelli
Rita and Paul Cinquemani
Fran and Clarence Clark
Jason Clark
Laura and John Clarke
Kelly Clifton-Martinez
Barbara Lee and Terrell Cochran
Renata and Jason Codianne
Sunday and Robert Coffman
Kathy Conahan
Catherine Connors
Linda Conrad
Cynthia Contreras
Debbie and Peter Cook
Megan and Christopher Cook
Cookie Joe’s Dancin’ School, Inc.
Lynn Copeland
Brittney Corcolis
Roy Cordes
Catherine and Matt Cort
Lawren and Brian Covault
Sherri Cox
Jeff Craig
Janice Cronch
Susan and Kevin Crookson
Alycia Curtis
Angie Curtis
Brian Curtis
Nancy and David Dale
Cynthia Daly
Michelle and Frank D’Antuono
Lisa and Alan Davis
Peggy and Todd Davis
Charlotte Davis
Christina Daw
Laila Dawoodani
Amy Dawson
Michael Day
Mike Day
Devin De Leon
Dane Delahoussaye
Susan Denman-Briones
Rick DeToto
Trudy and Sam Dick
Suzy and Bob Donalson
Susan Doss
Vivian and Pete Douglas
Kirsten Drews
Kellie Duff
Kyle and Thomas Duffy
Taylor Duffy
Michelle DuJardin
Chris Dunbar
Kasey Dworaczyk
Phyllis Eaddy
Jo Ann Eagleton
Ellen and Doug Earle
Victoria Edelson
Jim Edwards
Christy Edwards
Sharon and Doug Ehrenkranz
Pamela and Joseph Eilliott
Heather Ekre
Debbie Elmer
Bryan Engelbrecht
Brigit and Andrew Engleman
Ricardo Enriquez
Joyce and Charlie Ericsson
Jane and Warren Espey
Connie Esposito
Exchange Club of Fort Bend
Exchange Club of Missouri City
Sheriff Eric Fagan
Meryl Fasbinder
Elizabeth B. Fear
Donna Ferguson
Corey Ferguson
First Colony Church of Christ
Carrie and Tim Fix
Melanie Fleming
Beth Flodder
Rachel Flores
Sally Flowers
Jean Marie and Paul Fontenot
Forney Construction
Vanessa and Jonathan Forse
Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office
Fort Bend Forward, Inc.
Fossum Family Dental Care
Lori Foster
Sheena and Dr. Kousta Foteh
Margie Fougeron
Sheena and Dr. Kousta Foteh
Margie Fougeron
Monica Fraser
Tyler Fredregill
Sue and Craig Fredrickson
Frost Bank
Ashley Fry
Jennifer and Russell Fuchs
Boyce Funderburk
Nancy Gall
Bonnie and Geoffrey Galow
Dorothy Garage
Rick Garcia
Sandy Gardner
Ivanesa Garrido
Alberto Garza
Rosemary Garzelli
Cynthia Gazouleas
Jerrin George
Sharon Gillen
Andrew Gilmore
Amanda Gloff
Sheryl and Dean Gmoser
Dorothy Godines
Valerie and Samuel Golden
Karen Gollaher Sinclair
Juan Gomez
Deborah Gonynor
Stacy Gonzalez
Vita Goodell
Google – Matching Gifts
Timothy Gorham
Gorilla Disc Golf
Grand Lakes Presbyterian Church
Pamela Duggan Gray
Becky Green
Rachel Greene
Susan and Richard Greer
Brenna and Jim Gregory
Jeanne Gregory
Jessica Cangelosi Gregory
Jeff Grzybowski
Linda Guerrero
Sarah Guffey
Tessie Guinn
Jiji Gunn
Doris and Joe Gurecky
Kristy and Hector Gutierrez
Alli Hablinski
Nancy and Joe Hablinski
George and Mrs. Gretchen Haines
Lynn and Dr. Dennis Halford
Daryl Hall
Kevin Hall
Rachelle Hall
Shell and Jeff Hammel
Debra Haney
Deborah Hanks
Beth Hanlon
Janie Hanna
Michelle and Timothy Hannah
Cindy and Henry Hansen
Dr. Peggy Hart
Michael Harvey
Monica Hasty
Carolyn and Gary Hawn
Andrea Hayes
Theo and John Healey
David M. Heikkinen
Denise and Rodney Heisch
Aziz Hemani
Chris Hengst
Stefany Hennigan
The Honorable Janet Heppard
Heather Hernandez-Sedillo
Sarah Hilburn
Melissa Hinch
Connie Holder
Tracie and Donald Hollis
Carol Holton
Shirlene Honcoop
Julie Honefenger
Laura Horner
Barbara Hough
Houston Landscapes Unlimited
Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital
Valerie and James Howell
Marlene and Brad Hrebenar
Dwana Hunnicutt
Amy and Alexander Hunt
iLeap Ventures
Indian American Nurses Association of Greater Houston
Noelle and Michael Ingram
Stevie and Jeremy Irby
Vernell Ireland
Barbara and Bryan Ives
Cynthia and Marvin Ivey
Diane Jackson
Lauren Jackson
Jasmin Jacob
Peggy and Steve Jackson
Debbie and Jeffrey Jacobson
Sharon and Stewart Jacobson
Ann James
Shay James
Grayle and David James
Adele Janczak
Mary Jang
Teila Jarlowe
Kimberly and Billy Jarrell
Sally Jay
DeJuana Jernigan
Jersey Mikes Subs
Jacey Jetton
Matt Johns
Ashley Johnson
Alida and Brad Johnson
Cynthia D. Johnson
Hanaiya Johnson
Juliana Johnson
Melissa Johnson
Renee and Chris Johnson
Debra and Thomas Jones
Grace and Elliott Jones
Melissa Jones
Tyra Jones McCollumm
Robin Jordan
Laura Kagy
Kannon Supply
Jackie Kaspar
Kaitlyn Kaufmann
Madhavi Kavadi
Alex Keene
Barbara Kelly
Charley Kelly
Sandra Kelly
Kendra Scott Design
Narmin Kermally
Nazlin Keshwani
Connie Khawaja
Jessica and Jim Kij
Yong Kim
Jeremy Kinch
Pat King
Deanna King
Nancy and Kurt Kirchof
David Knippa
Dee Koch
Natatia Koktavy
Gloria Kopycinski
Tammy and Ken Kosub
Susan and Kenneth Krause
Tricia and Edward Krenek
Stella Krock
Kroger Share Card Program
Nathan Kunkel
Dr. Melissa Kwan
Yatping R. Kwan
Delores Lacarter
Yatping R. Kwan
Shaw-Miin and Po-Sheng Lai
Shelley Lamb

Zach Lambert
Lisa and Kent Landry
Penni and Mark Lapeyrouse
Connie Lapotaire
Lisa Latson
Jan and Lee Leaman
Vann Legrand
Candy and Charles Leigh
Jamie Lenard
Angela and Harold Lewis
Leslie Little
Longaker Foundation
Anne Lootens
Dana Loper
Crystal Lovelady-Jackson
Andrew Luchak
Jennifer Lucisano
Anna Lykoudis
Cheryl Macaluso
Jacquetta Madgett
Joe Madison
Karina Magalong
Pam Magee
Laurie Mai
Tanya Mann
Kristen Manz
Vanessa Mao
Virginia Martin
Metoyer and Seth Martin
Beverly and Rick Martinez
Eddie Martinez
Rose Martinez
Debra Martz
Pamela Marut
Neena and Ashok Marwah
Teresa Mason
Tejal Master
Henry Mata, Jr.
Chance Matcheski
The Honorable Juli Mathew
Allison Matsu
Melissa Matsu
Annaliese May
Virginia McBride
Cindy McCauley
Gail E. McClendon
Chelsea and Dexter McCoy
Gregory McCracken
Jennifer McCracken
Don McCracken
Alexis McDaniel
Chris McDaniel
Maggie McDougle
Kevin McEnery
Jenn McGaughey
Becky McGoldrick
Brenda McGovern
Bridget and Robert McGowen
James D. McGregor
McKenny Giving Fund
John McKirahan
Sherri McLemore
Amanda Medlin
Ruthanne and Dr. Ivan Mefford
Chinnu and Cyrus Meher-Homji
Mr. and Mrs. Kartik Mehta
Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital
Rozmin Merhant
Afreen Merchant
Kelli and Steve Metzenthin
Shirley and L A Meyers
Microsoft Matching Gifts program
Coretta and Brian Middleton
Darlene Migura
Christy iller
Mark Milliken
Amy L. Mitchel
Zeenat K. Mitha
Marcelo Moacyr
Alyssa and Anil Mohammed
Ophelia and Jonathan Mok
Kesha Montgomery
Deborah and David Montz
Lisa and David Moore
Mary and Jack Moore
Melissa Moore
Fernando Morales, Jr.
Sandra Moreno
The Honorable Kali Morgan
Suzy Morton and Dell Toelkes
Mr. Irfan Motiwala
Rea Motiwala
Tazmina Mukhi
Hardeepak Munday
Margie Muniz
Melissa Munoz
Linda Munsie
Karen Murphy
Nittasha A. Naidu
Deborah and Craig Neal
Trever Nehls
Kyle and Michael Nelson
Peter Nemeth
Sarah and Jarret Nethery
Edward Neumann
Chris Newell
Newmark Homes
Sara Nguyen
Suzanne Nicholie
Terri Nieser
Ann Nix
Noonday Collection
Nevin Noorani
Yvonne Norwood
Diana and John Null
Null Design Partners
Nurose K. Mohamed Charitable Fund
Jane and Robert O’Dell
Natascha and Charles Odom
Odyssey Outreach
Deborah and Michael Okrinsky
Olatunji Olaove
Thad Olive
Nancy and Pete Olson
Wilson Orr
Kelly Orth
Bertha and Jaime Ortiz
Kelly Otero
Outdoor-Innovations Texas
Elisabeth overn
Nahid Panjwani
Jill Paquette
Shawn Paquette
Saba Pardhan
Apurva Parikh
Priti Parikh
Ankur Patel
Dipul Patel
Hiren Patel
Sapana Patel
Richard M. Patton
Carol Pavlik
Gail and Michael Pawlowski
Paypal Charitable Giving Fund
Kelsey Pede
Ruby and Leonardo Pekola
Brayden Pelt
Penny Pennington
Carlos A. Perez
Jill and Barkley Peschel
Norma M. and Thomas J. Petrosewicz
Dr. Angela and John Pfeiffer
Richard D. Phillips
Physical Therapy Care of Fort Bend
Jo Piazza
Kathy Pineda
Pinkie and Black LLC
Tracy and Josh Pipes
Planned Community Developers, Ltd.
Debbie Poncik
Susan Powers
John Pozzi
Leslie Preston
Mary Price
Glenda Procter
Quadros Migl & Crosby PLLC
Basil Raad
Bruce Rainwater
Bharat Rajaram
Karen Rakers-Dowd
Amy Raley
Revathy Ramachandran
Nancy Ramirez
Jessica Ramos Dunbar
Ray Aguilar Campaign
Monica and Dan Rayburn
Susan and Michael Reblin
Carolyn Reed
Fiona and Steven Remko
Mr. Jim Renfrow
Jamie Reyna
Emily Rhodes
Mandy Richards
Randy Richey
William Rickert
Maria Rios
Candice Rivenburgh
Roberta K. Randall Charitable Foundation
Burgandy Roberts
Caroline Roberts
Cyndee and Rod Roberts
Kara-Lea Roberts
Jennifer Rogers
Stacy Roncal
Judy Ronning
Donna Rooney
Barbara and Donald Roseman
Rosenberg Masonic Lodge #881
Derek Ross
Pamela Roth
Lisa Rothfeld
Lynda Roulin
Raquel Roulin
Deann Rueff
Deann and Mark Rueff
Linda and Michael Russell
Mary Ryder
Sallyport Commercial Finance
Julie and Steve Sams
Anita Samuel
Sandra Sanchez
Josh Santana
Paramita Sarkar
Savant Energy LLC
Kenchen Schaefer
Paul Schaub
Tessa Schmidt
Christine Schneider
Dawn Schordock
Nancy Schultz
Debbie and Bill Schwer
Cynthia Scott
Sonit Seth
Anjuli Shah
Archana Shah
Alexa Shaner
Faten and Hanny Shanar
Dawn and Jeffrey Shank
Karen and David Shaw
Ruby Shaw
Marilyn Shepherd
Tarina Sheridan
Lana Shevelev
Theresa Shmerling
Julie Shoaee
Kim Shrull
Maria Siegrist
Sienna Home Services
Benny Singh
Kathie Sitton
Suzanne and David Slavin
Stacy Slawinski
Amy Smith
Andrew Smith
Ann Smith
Arleen and Bud Smith
Dianna Smith
Evelyn Smith
Paul Smith
The Honorable Bridgette Smith-Lawson
Sylvia and Chuck Smyth
Keisha Sneed
Joan and Michael Soland
Bobby Solis
Matt Solomon
Jessica Sommer
Claudia Sorto
Shelly Spann
Michelle Sparks
Marissa Spiwak
Andrea St. Jean
Debbie and Randy Starnes
Frankyie Steele
Julie Steidley
Brenda and Dr. Hal Stevenson
Henry Stevenson
Vicki and Bruce Stevenson
Richard Stiles
Kristin Stiles-Janossy
Margaret Stirman
Debra Stovall James
Subbareddy Arjun & Rukmini Gali Charitable Foundation
Cindy and Chip Sutton
Rubina Syed
Synergy Groups Medical LLC
TanChes Global Management
Dr. May and Lindsey Tape
Elizabeth Taylor
Heidy and David Taylor
Michelle Taylor
Salma and Amin Tejani
Robert Tennant
The Allstate Foundation
The Garden Club of Richmond
The Naran Group
Carol Thesing
Shauntrell Thomas
Brooke P. Thompson
Charann Thompson
Leslie Thompson
Linda and Art Thompson
Tara Thompson
Curtis Threat
Amie Thrutchley
Allison Thummel
Susan Tiernan
Jenny Tillman
Melissa Tippit
Mary Titel
Torchy’s Tacos
Mr. Steve Tralie
Pauline and Brian Tremaine
John Trevathan
Tri City Women’s Club
Greg Trostel
Nina and Jason Troth
Hugh and Linda Tucker
Patti and Gary Tuma
Patti Tuma
Artis Turner
Kurt Turner
Lesley Tushim
Margaret Umah
University of Houston System at Sugar Land
University of Houston-Downtown
Dr. Ed Uthman
Kimbra Valachovic
Nagasri Vangury
Carla Vannoy
Simone Vark
Sushil Varma
Ameen Velani
Dilshad Velani
Vellani Law
Karla and Greg Vesey
Shiroz and Nizar Virani
Thu-Suong Vo
Renee and David Vogelsang
Lisa Wade
Tica Wade
Leigh Walden
Darlene Walker
Meca Walker
Jacqueline A. Walker
Andi Wallis
Dale and Michael Waltman
Jessica Warren
Monica and Dallis Warren
Missy Waterwall
Lisa Watson
Gregg Weaver
Marisela Weaver
Alesia West
Brad Whatley
Laura Whiting
Who Dat Beauty
Dinoo Wickramasinghe
Jeanette Wiley
Kaila Williams
Lisa Wilson
Virginia and Charles Wingo
Colette Wollenberg
Women’s Council of Realtors-Fort Bend
Terry D. Woodall
Christianna Woods
Mariette and Wayne Wright
Lisa Yates
Bridget Yeung
Jane and Frank Yonish
Angela Young
Catherine Zapalac

VOICES FOR CHILDREN Sustainable Giving Program Donors


Children’s Hero ($50,000)

Margie and Tom Adolph
Eileen G. Akerson
OCuSoft, Inc.
Kimbra Valachovic

Children’s Advocate ($25,000)

Amy and Shane Burden
Karen and David Johnston
Jackie Kilpatrick
David Krichmar
Sally and Edward Lewis
Dr. anne Marie Ponce de Leon MDPA

Children’s Champion ($10,000)

Hilary Brawner
Carrie and Tim Fix
Nancy and Kurt Kirchof
May Tape, DDS
Thomas J. Crayton
Susie and Doug Goff
Alison and Greg Haralson
Peggy and Tom Hernandez
Angela Humphrey
Alexis and Brad Jackson
PJ Jayapraka
Elizabeth Keshani-Fisher
Jackie Pham Nguyen

Children’s Voice ($5,000)

Carol and Neal Adamcik
Louisa and Denny Adelung
Farha Ahmed and Zubair Ashraf
Gillian Alexander
Dr. Betty Baitland
Dr. Kauser Bari
Kathy Beaulne
BEC Engineers & Consultants
Robyn Boyle
Kathleen and Tom Brauen
Hilary Brawner
Drs. Juliet and Scott Breeze
Kyle Brown
Chuck Bucek
Larry Caldwell, DDS and Associates Pediatric Dentistry
Monty Campbell
Cane Island/Rise Communities
Susan and Clark Carruth
Betty Clark-Forman
Dana and Jason Clement
Kris Cobb
Cookie Joe’s Dancin’ School, Inc.
Hydee and Billy Corbin
Jerry Cousins
Lawren and Brian Covault
Angela B. Cox
Thomas J. Crayton
Gayle and Robert Culak
Jill and Sandy Curtis
Michelle and Frank D’Antuono
Kay Danziger
Casey and Rod Davis
Lou Ann and Mark Davis
Peggy and Todd Davis
Christina Daw
Linda and Thomas DeBesse
Dianna and Ray Dryer
Early McClintic & McMillan, LLP
Enchanted Forest Nursery & Landscapes
Brigit and Andrew Engleman
Sonia Estrada
Alice and Steve Fernelius
Carrie and Tim Fix
Laura and Joe Freudenberger
fun abounds
Kelly and Tom Gaines – Pink Zebra
Cindy Garza
Susie and Doug Goff
Lois and Larry Gremminger
Alison and Greg Haralson
Kristin Hesser
Kim and Kyel Hodenfield
Sheryn and Steven Hodges
The Huerta Family
Lucy and Ron Hudson
Nancy and Ken Hughes
James Idea
Alexis and Brad Jackson
Alicia Jammer
The Janossy Family
Evelyn Janssen
Jeff Jenkins
Melissa and Juli Johnson
Renee and Chris Johnson
Jamie Jordan

Jessica and Eric Jubin
Kaye Kahlich
Nancy and Kurt Kirchof
Cynthia and Dr. Daryl Knox
Tammy and Ken Kosub
Melissa Kwan and Danny Rigg
Whitney and Sean Laffere
Drs. Shelena and Ayeez Lalji
Penni and Mark Lapeyrouse
Shelli LeBret and Jim Sledzik
Longaker Foundation
Vickie and Carl Looney
Pam and Mark Magee
Marketing Refresh
Barbara DiBlasi Marlin
Janet and Bob Mayo
Virginia McBride
Chelsea and Dexter L. McCoy
Carolyn and Ross McEathron
Ruthanne and Dr. Ivan Mefford
Chinnu and Cyrus Meher-Homji
Sheri Menegaz
Dana and Randy Mersiovsky
Coretta and The Honorable Brian Middleton
Zeenat Mitha
Marcelo Moacyr
Carla Mondt
Darryl Montgomery
Lisa and David Moore
Michelle Navarro and Michael Lucia
Harsha and Raj Naran
Kyle and Michael Nelson
Sara and Huy Nguyen
Jane and Robert O’Dell
The Olson Family
Linda and Gayle Page
Ruby and Leonardo Pekola
Carlos A. Perez
Jill and Barkley Peschel
Shawn and Val Quinn
Susan and Preston Richardson
April Roberts
Jennifer Roberts
Farah and Dean Robicheaux
Pam and Davis Scarborough
Sandra Segura-Plata
Mary Margaret and Chris Sims
Michael Sims
Fallon and Yves Sivuilu
Chris and Jack Smith
Susan and Michael Smith
Pat and Brad Somers
Michelle and Michael Steenbergen
Cindy and Chip Sutton
Sharon L. Svendsen
Alicen Swift
May Tape, DDS
Kristin and Shannon Tassin
Laura and Robert Thompson
Daniel Todd
Tricia Turner
Dr. Shiroz Virani
Tracy Walker and Mike Andrade
Monica and Dallis Warren
Donna and Leo Weinberg
KK and S. Scott West
Jane and Frank Yonish
Michelle and Dr. Georgios Ziakas

Voices for Children Donors

Nikki Agner
Melanie Airey
Sima Ajani
Alings Chinese Bistro
Diana and David Barnett
Pam Bluestein
Claudio and Chad Bridges
Manal Broeckelmann
Jennifer Brown
Sally Brown
Teresa and John Buess
Pakiza Butler
Fran and Clarence Clark
Jing Jing Clemence
Deborah Crain
Lilia De La Garza
Pennie DeGroot
Trudy and Sam Dick
Robyn Doughtie
Karen and Mark Dulyunan
Ellen and Doug Earle
Ecolab, Inc.
Camille Edwards
Carolina Elliston
Kelly Evans
Steven Evans
Exchange Club of Missouri City
Mark Flathouse
Fort Bend County Alumae Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta
Colleen and Andrew Fox
Kelly Fox
Frank Fraley
Tami Frazier
JoAnn and Felipe Garza
Norma Garza
Susan and Richard Greer
Jessica Cangelosi Gregory
Linda Guerrero
Lary Seidl/Tiffany Halfon
Alison and Greg Haralson
Harris & Eliza Kempner Fund
Jacey Jetton
Tyra Jones McCollum
Laura Kagy
Katy-West Houston Kappa Alpha Theta
JaPaula Kemp
Jamie Kovar
Tricia and Edward Krenek
Kathy and Stanley Kubelka
Sarah Kuehl
Shirley Kwan
Alice Kwok
Drs. Angela McCain and David Lanagan
Penni and Mark Lapeyrouse
Kendra Larson

Amy Lehman
Natalie Lerner
Kathy Martin
Beverly and Rick Martinez
Taneisha May
Jim McClellan
Erika Medina
Odette Miguelez
Patsy Moreno
Suzy Morton and Dell Toelkes
Claudia Currarino Moyano
Melissa Munoz
Apurva Parikh
Angela Parker
Blair Parker
Judge Stuti and Hiren Patel
Alisse Pratt
Chief Deputy Mattie C. Provost
Jessica Ramos
Kim Ripley
Katherine Rodriguez
Stacy Roncal
Maricela Rosas
S6 Technologies
Tasneem Saleh
Sonia Sanchez
John Sazma
Gayle Scholer
Sandra and David Scott
Sofia Sheikh
Suzanne and David Slavin
Smart Financial Credit Union
Shaneka Smith
St. Laurence Catholic Church
Shannan and Stephen Stavinoha
Carolyn and James Steenbergen
Terri and Jess Stuart
Oscar Telfair
The Naran Group
Brooke P. Thompson
Gay Thomplon
Janice Thomplson
Melissa Tipton
Mary Titel
Jahan Tolliver
Melissa Toon
Andi Wallis
Terri and Sam Wang
Deion Whorton, Sr.
Joy Williams
Irene Wisner
WJ Interests, LLC
Brenda Woodbury
Elizabeth Zhao
Denise Zwicker

In-Kind Donors

A Tropical Have
Karen Adams
Adega Vinho Tasting Room
Aguirre & Fields, L.P.
Ruhina Ahmed
Eileen G. Akerson
Alexander & Company
Alpha Delta Kappa Zeta Theta Chapter
Amber Alyse Hair Studio
Karl G. Anderson
Andretti Indoor Karting & Games
Another Time Soda Fountain & Cafe
Astros Foundation
Austin Parkway Elementary Art Club
Awakened Yoga Studio
Simoli Bangdiwala
Bark Box
Cynthia Barratt and Nat Adkins, Jr.
Benedettini Cabinets
Mauricio Benitez
Bertha Ortiz – Gallery of Salons
Genevieve Beverick
Billy Ray’s Sport Bar
BJJ & Company
BlackHorse Golf Club
Brandani’s Restaurant & Wine Bar
Brazos Bend Taxidermy
Bridget’s Shoes Foundation
Patricia Broom
Shelly Buchner
Amanda Byrum
Heidi Candler
Alexis Cano
Michelle Cano
Care for Caregivers – Fort Bend County, Texas
David Carpentier
Catholic Daughters of the Americas #2211
Children’s Lighthouse Jordan Ranch
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Christ Church Sugar Land
Chuy’s Sugar Land
CivilCorp LLC
Teresa Clark
Duchess Collins
Concierge Jewelry Repair
Cookie Joe’s Dancin’ School, Inc.
Carey Cooney
Crave Cupcakes
Susan and Kevin Crookson
Crossfit Katy
Jill and Sandy Curtis
Cyclone Anaya’s City Centre
Dapple Grey Co
Melissa Davis
Days Inn by Wyndham
De Santis Selection Imports
Lauren DeCosmo
Decree Beauty
Del Webb Sweetgrass Needlecrafters
Devine Consulting
Diamonds in the Rough
Vidya Dighe
Vivian and Pete Douglas
Karen Drennan
Cinnamon Edralin
Christy Edwards
Elegant Jewelers
Elnita McClain Women’s Center
Enchanted Nurseries and Landscape
Envision Title
Hubert Escobar
F45 Training Greatwood
Fabulous You Boutique
Faith United Methodist Church
Fidelity National Title
Fort Bend Central Appraisal District
Fort Bend County Records Management
Fort Bend County Risk Management
Fort Bend ISD Police – Telecommunication Dept.
Fort Bend Junior Service League
Fossum Family Dental Care
Clemetric Frazier
Oya and Brian Freed
Paula Fulford
Fulshear Racing Swim Team
Jeanine and Paul Fultz
Fun Abounds
FW Murphy Production Controls
Hilary Garza
Rosemary Garzelli
Sharon Gatlin
Carrietta Gentry
Sheeba and The Honorable KP George
Debbie Gibson
Golden Nugget Lake Charles
Amber and Robert Gosnell
Grand Lakes Presbyterian Church
Eileen Graves
Greatwood Golf Club
Jeanne Gregory
Grimaldi’s Coal Brick Oven Pizzeria
Gringo’s Mexican Kitchen
Doris and Joe Gurecky
Hand & Stone – Missouri City
Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa – Sugar Land
Deborah Hanks
Harmony School of Science
Harris Carpet & Floors
Neil Harrop
Harvest Green HOA
HAZA Foods
Health and Human Services, Office of the Chief Counsel
H-E-B Riverpark
Joan Herberholz
Janis Hodgson
Rebecca and Daniel Hoelscher
Hometown America, Inc
Houston Dash
Houston Federal Credit Union
Houston Zoo, Inc.
Hurricane Harbor Splashtown
Irene Huseman
Imperial Cigar
Indigo Orthodontics
Infinity Makeup
In-N-Out Burger
Iron Cross Gymnastics & Dance
Robin Jackson
Maria Jacobson
James Avery Artisan Jewelry
Julie Jensen
Liz Johnston
Ms. Deborah Jones
Tina Joseph
Katy-West Houston Kappa Alpha Theta
Kendra Scott Cinco Ranch
Kendra Scott Sugar Land
Lana Kettler
Kiddie Academy of Aliana
Janice Knight
Knotty Pines Catering
Mary Koehler
Donna Kolar
Susan and Kenneth Krause
Sreevidya Kumar
Lamar CISD Technology Services
Penni and Mark Lapeyrouse
Mai Le
Regenia and Joe Lee
Betsy Levenson
Corinne Light
Shane Light
Leslie Little


Sue and Jim Lockwood
Logos Preparatory Academy
Lone Star Pet Lodge
Bruce and Bonnie Longaker
Vickie and Carl Looney
LuLu Lemon
Ashley Lynn
Judith and Paul Maddison
Magpies Gifts
Tag Marlow
Anthony Maroulis
Marriott Sugar Land Town Square
Beverly and Rick Martinez
Melissa Matsu
Deborah and Richard Mazzola
Virginia McBride
Cindy McCauley
Ashton McDermott
Jennifer McGuire
Ruthanne and Dr. Ivan Mefford
Chinnu and Cyrus Meher-Homji
Memorial Hermann – Central Staffing
Messina Hof Winery & Resort
Gina and Mark Metts
Milagro Salons
Diana and Randall Miller
Sam Miranda
Zeenat K. Mitha
Carla Mondt
Carol Moore
Angela Moring
Move Dance and Fitness
Joshua Nakaya
Nature Nails
Kathy and Keith Navel
New Strength Pilates
Kory Ngo
Nora Anne’s Flower Shoppe
NRG W. A. Parish Plant
Oak Park Resort Living Community
Jane and Robert O’Dell
Old Republic Title – Sugar Land
Nancy and Pete Olson
Organized for Me
Oriental Trading Company
Kacy Owsley
Panera Bread
Pappas Restaurants
Christi Parham
Apurva Parikh
Purva Patel
Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club
Pluckers Wing Bar
Debbie Poncik
ProLift Garage Doors
Quail Valley Golf Course
Rago Enterprises
Raising Cane’s
Swapna Ramani
Rejuven8 Medical LLC
Renew Laser & Skin
Meghan Rivas
Riverbend Country Club
Riverbend Country Club Women’s Association
Kathleen M. Roos
Rosenberg Masonic Lodge #881
Rose-Rich Veterinary Clinic
Tim Roszko
Ruchika Behal LLC
Rudy’s BBQ
Deann and Mark Rueff
Russo’s Pizzeria
Ruthie’s Cookie Jar
Martha Rutledge
Julia and Arthur Saller
Sallyport Commercial Finance
Kimberly Sapenter
Diane and Roger Schomburg
Sea World
Select Title
Sewell Automotive Companies
SGA Pearland
Mrs. Avni Shah
Tarina Sheridan
Theresa Shmerling
Simply Polished Boutique
Suzanne and David Slavin
Smart Financial Credit Union
Karen Smith
Patricia and Brad Somers
Maria Sonnen
Southern Ice Cream
Southern Sisters Designs
Spenga Sugar Land
Slyvia Spivey
Lynne and Aaron Spiwak
Stages Theatre
Frankyie Steele
Julie Steidley
Kristin Stiles-Janossy
Suburban Houston-Fort Bend Alumnae Chapter of DST, Inc.
Sugar Creek Country Club
Sugar Creek Montessori School
Sugar Land First United Methodist Church
Sweetwater Country Club
Sweetwater Ob Gyn Associates
T & K Creations
Tanks Paintball
Brooke Terrell
Texas Gun Club
Texas Roadhouse
Texas State Optical – Katy
The Design Source
The Foundations Montessori
The Gents Club
The Giving Doll of Alvin
The Honors College at UH
The Nice Winery
The Wearhouse Boutique (Wearhouse Apparel & Home)
Total Wine & More
Tour 18 Golf Course
Treasure Hunters Gallery
Lalita Trehan
Trinity Dental Rosenberg
Patti Tuma
Sonia Tummala
Jennifer Turknett
Twenty-Two Fifty Interiors
Kimbra Valachovic
Valencia Hotel Group
Vera Bradley – Memorial City
Vera Bradley at First Colony Mall
Veritas Steak & Seafood
Shiroz Virani
Karl Wagner
Tracy Walker and Mike Andrade
Connie and Rick Webb
Alesia West
Wibben Photography
Wildcat Golf Course
William Chris Wine Company
Lana K. Wilson
Irene Wisner
Fay and Fred Wohlfahrt
J.A. and Robert Wolter
Women’s Council of Realtors-Fort Bend
Woody’s Furs
Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming – Sugar Land
Lin and Dale Wooten
Desmond Wright
Yard Card Queen – Richmond
Zoroastrian Association of Houston


2020 Honorariums + Memorials


In Honor of Alings Chinese Bistro  – by Texas Inpatient Consultants
In Honor of Shannon and Glenn Bohny – by Rob Cooksey
In Honor of Del and Evelyn Conkright – by Sue Orr
In Honor of Carol and Edwin Cox – by Jeanne Cox
In Honor of Richard and Martha Early – by Lisa Hollins
In Honor of Eagle Service Project – by Mina Huseman
In Honor of Michele Fisher – by Russell Molina
In Honor of Ashley Harkness and Mary Grace Bullard– by Hillary Stanford
In Honor of Narmin Kermally– by Amiralli Dodhiya, Rozmin Merchant, Dipul Patel, Lisa and William Rickert, Anil Verma
In Honor of Narmin Kermally’s Birthday – by Irfan Motiwala
In Honor of KIbrahim Khawaja for Bosses’ Day– by Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office
In Honor of Sean Laffere – by Sherry Lafeere
In Honor of Bruce and Bonnie Longaker – by Martha and Robert French
In Honor of Mary Grace and Ashley – by Janie Korah 
In Honor of Brian Middleton for Bosses’ Day – by Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office
In Honor of Irfan Motiwala– by Dominic Sreshta Charity Foundation
In Honor of Bob & Jane O’Dell’s 50th Anniversary – by Matt Cornell, Carol Cox, Mazzie Middleton
In Honor of Diane and Roger Schomburg – by Margaret Lauck
In Honor of Brad and Pat Somers – by Cindy Pack
In Honor of Pat Somers’ Birthday – by Anne and Glenn Bulan, Lisa and David Moore, Jane and Bob O’Dell, Tarina Sheridan
In Honor of Aaron, Lynne and Marissa Spiwak – by Alana Spiwak
In Honor of Wesley Wittig for Bosses’ Day – by Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office


In Memory of Larry Austin – by Cookie Mangine
In Memory of Bert Boyd – by Joseph Bobinsky
In Memory of Marilyn Jones– by Stacy and Keith Borgfeldt, Dee Koch, Robbie Raska
 In Memory of Marilyn Jones and Nell Nichols – by Debbie and Marvin Marcell
In Memory of Janice King– by Carol and Neal Adamcik, Milly and Jake Bergman, Gayle and Robert Culak, Darla and Don Farmer, Carol Holton, Ruthanne and Ivan Mefford, Beverly Roberts, Linda Schultz, Debbie and Gary Smith, Patricia and Brad Somers, Deean and Charles Watson
In Memory of Adrian Kirschbaum – by Pamela and Steve Collins
In Memory of Mayme Lynn – by Leslie Fowler, Renee and Chris Johnson, Katherine Jones, Tyler Lynn, Tanya Lynn Smith
In Memory of Neil Oatman – by David Oatman
In Memory of Tomasa Quezada – by Claudia Sorto

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